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Numerical challenge

Post by RJSRdg » 29 Oct 2017, 20:47

Having been frustrated yesterday on a trip to London by the realisation that the closures to the Bak & Jub effectively ruled out ALL the mini-challenges, I have now devised a challenge which doesn't require the use of either line! (Though unfortunately I didn't realise that until late this afternoon so haven't had opportunity to try it out).


Starting at one of the stations with the fewest letters in its name (OVAL and BANK both have 4), visit a station with 5 letters in its name (ANGEL or UPNEY), then 6, 7, etc, finishing up at HIGH STREET KENSINGTON (20 letters). Spaces, numbers, ampersands and punctuation marks aren't counted.

Unlike the Alphabet challenge, there are no unique stations (with the exception of HSK), so I imagine there to be quite a variety of possible routes (and a considerable potential for failed routes owing to miscounting!).
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