Bakerloo line same-station OSIs at Warwick Avenue & Edgware Road

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Bakerloo line same-station OSIs at Warwick Avenue & Edgware Road

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I've been checking my Oyster history from Friday when I did another section of my Labyrinth challenge. Normally when I touch out at a station to photograph a Labyrinth, then quickly touch in again that counts as the start of a new journey. On long stretches where I don't need to touch in/out, I can use this fact to avoid hitting the maximum journey time.

On the Bakerloo line, I knew that there are outside labyrinths at Queen's Park, Warwick Avenue, Edgware Road and Baker Street, so expected 3 journeys but it was counted as one. Touch out+in at Warwick Avenue and Edgware Road appear as Out of Station Interchanges (OSIs) would.

I can only imagine that these are temporary during the work at Paddington as Warwick Avenue and Edgware Road are either side. I suppose people could leave Warwick Avenue, discover how far Paddington is to walk and decide to get back on a train. As it stands they would be charged for one journey, not two.
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