Non-UK Metro Record Times

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Re: Non-LU Record Times

Post by A Challenge » 15 Oct 2015, 19:57

Somebody needs to add it (smudge27/moley/tubeguru) onto the top times list.
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Re: Non-LU Record Times

Post by leamfarrar » 10 Dec 2015, 20:40

For the record; the SydneyTrains All-Stations Challenge record is 16 hours 22 minutes 50 seconds by Ben Cousins and John Darcy 8 May 2015. That record is for the current number of 178 stations. I don't think Ben and John would be or are on the forums here.

My fastest time is 16 hours 51 minutes 00 seconds, however, that is the old 176 stations (prior to the addition of our new rail link this year). I'm setting a new time in Sydney next week.
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Re: Non-LU Record Times

Post by Das » 13 Dec 2016, 19:28

It was great meeting Adham in London for the tube challenge film,such a nice bloke,one of his records is about to get a extension so although nowhere near as quick as Adham I will have a go at it in March when I return home along with 5 other records in my former adopted country.

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Re: Non-LU Record Times

Post by EastActionWoman » 19 Feb 2020, 07:46

The Raven wrote:
11 Jan 2013, 13:00
zeibura wrote:you could add my Prague Metro time to this, 2:56:26, back in 2009
Done the Prague Metro earlier to day in a time of 2 hours, 41 minutes and 20 seconds!

Managed a good time dispite the snow and the cold.
Yesterday, I did this in 2:27:56 (no snow or cold). An extension has been built to line A, from Dejvická to Nemocnine Motol, since The Raven and zeibura completed the challenge. There's a direct bus from Nemocnine Motol to Zličín at the end of line B, which meant I took a completely different route to the one zeibura documented. I also took a bus at the other end of line B to Letňany. Having said that, the buses on those routes are infrequent, so found the one time of the day that they coincided nicely.

Love the Prague transport system - metro only designed in late 60s and built in the past 40 years, so it's been done to connect with other forms of transport, the stations are large and well-signposted and they all have toilets! According to Wikipedia, they're planning to create a new line D, so will be back to try the challenge again when that's finished.
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Prague metro (2020) 2:27:56

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Re: Non-LU Record Times

Post by TeamHelsinki » 24 Feb 2020, 07:27

...and if someone does update the table in this thread, could you please add my completion of the Helsinki Metro in Finland at 00:59:58 (16 Mar 2018)?

Helsinki Metro all stations 00:59:58
FNC 269/270 in 19:16:41
FNC completion Uxbridge to LHR4 in 30:32:57

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Re: Non-LU Record Times

Post by Dan Trains » 13 Jun 2020, 21:06

I’ve beaten the 3h 5m 33s Tyne and Wear Metro time - I just edged past it with a final time of 3h 5m 22s...

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Re: Non-UK Metro Record Times

Post by michael_churchill » 19 Sep 2020, 17:49

Having a full collection to maintain, I feel obliged to buy the Guinness Book of Records each year, and bought the new one today.
For the first time since I don't know when, some metro records appear in print!
They list the London record of 15 hr 45 min 38 sec by Steve Wilson (UK) and AJ (full name and nationality withheld) - 21 May 2015.
They have the Paris record of 13 hr 23 min 33 sec by Clive Burgess and Simon Ford - 23 Feb 2016.
But... they also have a record for 96 Munich U-Bahn stations. There's a picture of two German dudes who set a record last September, but it says the record was broken by Adham Fisher with 4 hr 48 min 53 sec on 23 Oct 2019.

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Re: Non-UK Metro Record Times

Post by jrparkin » 09 Oct 2020, 18:59

Boston MBTA was done in 7hrs29min46sec by Dom DiLuzio and Alex Cox on 18th August 2017.
Adham also did the Copenhagen S train system in 5hrs55min05sec on 26th February this year
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Re: Non-UK Metro Record Times

Post by tangy » 11 Oct 2020, 10:31

jrparkin wrote:
09 Oct 2020, 18:59
Boston MBTA was done in 7hrs29min46sec by Dom DiLuzio and Alex Cox on 18th August 2017.
Adham also did the Copenhagen S train system in 5hrs55min05sec on 26th February this year
Thanks for these, the opening post has been modified to include these records.
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