Metrolink Challenge

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Re: Metrolink Challenge

Post by M5000 » 13 Jul 2017, 21:32

Indeed, and that is a part of the network that, despite being far away from anywhere that I've ever lived, I have traveled on a fair bit and have some memories of. The first time I went out that way, somebody who I was with who worked in Derker at the time was amazed at what lied just one stop beyond their normal commute. It was nice to go through all those towns and villages them again and to go all the way to Rochdale.

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Re: Metrolink Challenge

Post by DavidC » 14 Jul 2017, 06:54

Thanks for an interesting write-up

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Re: Metrolink Challenge

Post by traveldit » 13 Mar 2019, 08:26

I took on my first transport challenge on Monday 17th December last year and managed to complete the Manchester Metrolink challenge with a time of 6 hours, 32 minutes and 16 seconds. I felt like I had planned it quite well and was aiming for a time of around 6 hours, but things conspired against me a few times resulting in missed connections!

My route was as follows:
Depart Rochdale Town Centre (depart 09:54)
Take tram to East Didsbury (arrive 11:16)
Run to East Didsbury station (arrive 11:19, depart 11:29)
Take train to Manchester Airport (arrive 11:39, depart 11:51)
Take tram to Firswood (arrive 12:31)
Run to Old Trafford (arrive 12:35, depart 12:44)
Take tram to Altrincham (arrive 12:58, depart 13:01)
Take tram to Old Trafford (arrive 13:19)
Run to Pomona (depart 13:30)
Take tram to MediaCityUK (arrive 13:40)
Run to Broadway (arrive 13:43, depart 13:48)
Take tram to Eccles (arrive 13:56)
Walk to Eccles station (arrive 14:00, depart 14:19)
Take train to Deansgate (arrive 14:25)
Depart Deansgate (depart 14:25)
Walk to Deansgate-Castlefield (depart 14:26)
Take tram to Victoria via Market Street (arrive 14:36, depart 14:44)
Take tram to Bury (arrive 15:11, depart 15:13)
Take tram to Market Street (arrive 15:43)
Walk to Piccadilly Gardens (depart 15:48)
Take tram to Piccadilly (arrive 15:50, depart 15:54)
Take tram to Eccles (arrive 16:26)

I made a video of my attempt and you can find it at if you're interested in watching it. Overall I had quite a bit of fun and would definitely be up for trying again for a better time, and I have my eyes set on some other tram networks too!

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Re: Metrolink Challenge

Post by al » 13 Mar 2019, 20:00

Good effort. I take it you finished at Ashton rather than Eccles?
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Re: Metrolink Challenge

Post by traveldit » 16 Mar 2019, 16:07

Ah yeah, you're right! I meant finishing at Ashton.

It'll be interesting to see how the new Trafford Park line impacts this challenge. I suspect it might not have too much impact if you travel along the new line, take a bus to Eccles then travel back towards the city center along the Eccles line (or vice-versa).

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