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Tube Relief 2005 Anniversary

Posted: 24 Aug 2006, 12:38
by garda
I wanted to tell everyone who was in the 2005 Charity Run that I was thinking of them today since it has been a year tomorrow... MY last fondest memories were with ya'll during our charity event. TIf I had to be stuck away from the city during the worst hurricane I am glad it was with each of yall with your support... So mych has happened in a year! That run was GREAT. Thanks to my team and each of you! I miss you all.

Posted: 24 Aug 2006, 18:02
by moley
Hope things are well Tami.

Posted: 24 Aug 2006, 22:41
by Steeevooo
Good to hear from you again Tami, as moley says above, I hope things are well with you.
Each and every one of us will have our own memories of Tube Relief, but I am sure that most people will contain you with your cheery attitude and your bravery amongst their memories.
All the best,

Posted: 25 Aug 2006, 21:08
by geofftech
You beat me to it! i was gonna post something. i too remembered that it was this time last year - mind you, there are lots of annivesary programmes being promo'd here at the moment for 'one year on from katrina', which is a helpful reminder.

so yes, this time last year (09.07pm 25/8/05), I think I was coming up the Piccadilly line towards Acton Town.

Fond memories.