Is an Oyster Card the way to go?

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Is an Oyster Card the way to go?

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I will be attempting my first FNC in a few weeks time based on the traditonal labarynth route, but with the necessary modifications for Ken O and the BPS extension. The only aim will be to hopefully finish it within the day. My question relates to use of an oyster card. Some comments online suggest that relying upon the daily fare cap is risky because if you exceed the maximum journey travel times at any point, you are charged the maxium fare, and then for every journey after that, which could mean it ending up being a very expensive day. An alternative could be a paper 1-day travelcard but that's not very practical for quick entry/exit and is prone to damage. Otherwise, I can see some people have used a rail smart card, e.g. the Chiltern Railways smartcard, and then loaded a 1-day travelcard onto that. Any input greatly appreciated.
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Re: Is an Oyster Card the way to go?

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It depends

When I did my attempt in 2022, because I lived in Yorkshire I travelled down for a week and bought a weekly travelcard. The reason for this was I needed 2-3 days of acclimatization practice beforehand. The other advantage is you don't get timed out as it were

And I do recommend doing the practice. If you are attempting for the first time you won't have a second to waste getting lost so a detailed knowledge of where you are going is crucial.

Also write your route down, don't memorise it. This will help you if you need to change it on the fly. Bear in mind you can get both a Met and a Piccadilly from Rayners Lane early morning so you may need to adjust there

If you don't need a practice a day ticket is the best option. You can buy it the day before if that helps. I kept mine in a leather wallet to keep it safe
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Re: Is an Oyster Card the way to go?

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I wouldn't recommend using Oyster or contactless for the whole day, for the reasons you give. I've used an ITSO smartcard (Greater Anglia, but any will do) with a z1-6 day travelcard. For the 7-9 bits I use Oyster because it's cheaper and less subject to the vagaries of TfL's gate programming.

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Re: Is an Oyster Card the way to go?

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When I did the FNC last year, I started at Amersham and did it all with a paper Travelcard.
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