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All Lines Challenge Attempt

Posted: 31 Mar 2024, 16:36
by einstienium99
On 13 March 2024 I was visiting London on vacation from the states and had an hour or so to myself while my family took a nap, so I decided to make an attempt at the All Lines Challenge. I rode up to Farringdon and sat on a bench waiting for the board to show the correct order of the next few trains. Once it lined up, saying "Circle Line, Aldgate, Barking" I took my chance and jumped on that next train. My route is included below:

Circle Line - Farringdon to Barbican at 20:00
Metropolitan Line - Barbican to Moorgate at 20:03
Hammersmith & City - Moorgate to Liverpool Street at 20:08 (unfortunate 3 minute wait at Moorgate)
Central Line - Liverpool Street to Bank at 20:11
Waterloo & City Line - Bank to Waterloo at 20:16 (ran to the platform just to stand at wait for a few minutes)
Jubilee Line - Waterloo to Westminster at 20:25
District Line - Westminster to Embankment at 20:32 (first train through was a circle line, so had to wait)
Northern Line - Embankment to Charing Cross at 20:34
Bakerloo Line - Charing Cross to Piccadilly Circus at 20:39
Piccadilly Line - Piccadilly Circus to Green Park at 20:42 (got there 10 seconds too late for the first train, so had to wait)
Victoria Line - Green Park to Victoria at 20:45

I stepped off the platform at Victoria with 45:58.73 on my clock. I don't think that's too bad for a foreigner who had never been to any of the first few stations.

Re: All Lines Challenge Attempt

Posted: 02 Apr 2024, 12:48
by Oggm
Well done on your attempt!
Did you use spiral staircase at Piccadilly Circus as a shortcut to get to the Picc line platforms. It may have saved you on that connection you just missed?