Zone 1 Challenge Cup 2016- The Results

All you need to know and discuss about the 2016 Zone 1 Challenge.
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Zone 1 Challenge Cup 2016- The Results

Post by tangy »

Here follows the results of the 2016 Zone 1 Challenge Cup on Friday 3rd June 2016.

Courtesy of Nozza, the start station was Edgware Road (Circle).

Due to a few challengers dropping out due to double booking themselves, injury, exams, medical appointments or otherwise unable to make the start in time, there were only 10 challengers who participated in the challenge. All challengers went solo (as an individual).

So the results, in reverse order:

10th: "Yes, This Counts as Taking Part" (Peter Smyth) who started but only visited 4 stations.
9th: "Richard Standing" (Richard Standing) who completed in 03:27:26 at Euston.
8th: "Rashford International" (Nick Gardner) who completed in 03:27:03 at Vauxhall.
7th: Andrew Baker who completed in 03:18:55 at Edgware Road (Bakerloo). Andrew Baker did not submit a team name.
6th: "Yippee! "I Didn't Have to Stop to Use the Waterloo" (Rob Mansell) who completed in 03:07:06 at Russell Square.
=3rd: "St James's Lark" (James Ross) who completed in 03:02:36 at Vauxhall.
=3rd: "Zone One With the Wind" (Andrew Chilcraft) who completed in 03:02:36 at Vauxhall.
=3rd: "I've got North Ealings, North Ealings, North Ealings for Anybody Else , Except for Myself, my Beautiful Self That is" (Kevin Brown) who completed in 03:02:36 at Vauxhall.
2nd: "Pinky and the Drain" (Tangy) who completed in 02:57:43 at Great Portland Street.
1st: "With Great Portland Street Comes Great Responsibility" (The orange One) who completed in 02:47:55 at Vauxhall.

Winner of best team name (as decided by a panel of challengers who were at the after event pub meet but did not do the challenge) was "Pinky and the Drain" by Tangy.

Thankyou for attending and for those who were on the podium enjoy your prizes (and for those that did not make it onto the podium, there is always next year).

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