Andy's first attempt - 20 June 2014

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Andy's first attempt - 20 June 2014

Post by andytube » 21 Jun 2014, 22:03

So finally got round to giving this a go. My goal was the break 18 hours. Started on the 0453 at Upminster and finished very late at Chesham. Very nearly missed the first train at Upminster due to a combination of the minicab driver being 10 minutes late collecting me from the hotel, then not being able to purchase a zones 1-9 ticket from the machine at Upminster. There wasn't an option to buy this from either machine, nor was there a human being around (Tip for those who haven't done this yet is to buy a ticket the day before!). So had to buy a zones 1-6 ticket and get another ticket at off-peak prices later in the day. So made the first train by 10 seconds!

Got Ken O and MHE done in good time early on in the day. Challenge started off pretty well, all interchanges went well. First delay was a Hainault around mid-day, where there was a 15 minute wait for the Woodford train. But was still doing quite well for time. Even after 8 hours, I thought doing the rest in another 10 hours should be no problem as think I had done about half the stations by that point.

But I really should have spent much more time planning this, particualrly with regards to making sure to sit in the correct part of the train for changing lines. I'd say this cost me considerable time. Plus think changing lines at Baker Street (think it was Baker St) took a good few minutes.

I did 5 interchanges by foot, 4 by bus and 1 by overground.

Thought I was still on for a resonably good time early evening, but time sure flies by quick when you're doing this. And because of lack of planning and being too unfit to run between stations or up staircases, it was quite late when on the Harrow to Amersham section. Moor Park to Watford took quite a while as train stopped, then had a 15 minute turnaround at Amersham. And about 12-15 minute wait for final train at Chalfont to Chesham. Maybe if I'd managed to get there at least an hour earlier then this section would have been a lot quicker.

Not a great time, but would have been a lot quicker had it not been for what I've said above. And with a couple of modifications it would probably get me under 18 hours. Possibly closer to 17 if I can get fit enough to run up staircases and between stations. At least I got a completion.

Andy MacDonald, 19:51:10 :D
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Re: Andy's first attempt - 20 June 2014

Post by Nigel » 23 Jun 2014, 07:53

Congratulations! Apologies for the delay, as I've been away, but the top times table has now been updated with your completion.

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Re: Andy's first attempt - 20 June 2014

Post by tractakid » 23 Jun 2014, 11:55

Echo the congratulations! My first attempt lasted >20 hours for 267 stations, so very well done on achieving all 270!
*insert boasting about notable tube accomplishments here*

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