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Re: Non-UK Metro Record Times

Posted: 05 Jul 2023, 14:35
by tintin
Don't have time to do the Copenhagen S-train, but I have just visited all the stations on the Copenhagen Metro, which took me 1h47m13s.
I'm certain it can be done faster, and probably has been, but it's not listed so I'm claiming it!

Re: Non-UK Metro Record Times

Posted: 04 Jun 2024, 20:03
by EastActionWoman
I'm in Dordrecht for work and thought I'd have a look at the Rotterdam metro record. The final section to Hook of Holland had been finished, so time is out of date at the beginning of this thread.

After Googling, looks like Adham has beaten me to it.... should have known :lol: ... ronetwerk/

"4:04:35 apparently"