New Alphabet Challenge Record

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New Alphabet Challenge Record

Post by tubeguru »

I got an email last night from a guy called Evan who, along with his friend, has recently beaten the Alaphabet Challenge record with a time of 5 hours and 44 seconds - that's nearly 20 minutes faster than the previous best.

He sent me a very detailed account so I'll post it to the site shortly when I have time.
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Post by thornski »

Hey - finally actually registered for the site. (I'm Evan btw, the "record holder"...this is the username I'm using).

Don't feel obligated to post every single one of my details from the trip on here, but if you want to post the route it's fine...

In fact, I remember looking at another bunch of posts on the alphabet challenge earlier, and someone actually posted a route they derived from using the tube website, and using a computer to calculate the minimal time possible...ours was very similar I remember, so it's not like our route is a big secret (though I will say we did plan our route before looking at those posts, so we did still have an "original" route).

Cheers, thanks for posting my result!
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Post by tpfkar »

hi Evan/thornski.

Welcome to the forums.

And congratulations on the alphabet challenge!
Sounds like hard work to me.....

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Post by geofftech »

I don't know if Neil's put it up on, but it's up on mine, here:
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Post by Senji »

The "Angel" start is definitely the best I think.

Of course, the details of the route I took are hardly secret given that I have photos of each station sign (except Chalk Farm, dammit) on the web.
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