Zones 1 & 2 27/2/16 or How Not to Set a Tube Challenge Record

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Zones 1 & 2 27/2/16 or How Not to Set a Tube Challenge Record

Post by RJSRdg » 28 Feb 2016, 00:11

I decided that as there was no engineering work in progress in Zones 1 & 2 today, I would set the ball rolling on the re-set record.

It didn't get off to a very good start as I managed to get on the wrong train at Reading! Consequently I was too late reaching my starting station to use the timesheet I'd prepared and as I hadn't got any alternative timings listed, I opted to hang around for nearly an hour in the cold in the hope that the timetable repeated itself then!

The wrong train at Reading was only my first mistake of the day as I also managed to catch the wrong Northern Line train at Euston and forgot to get off trains on two occasions!

Baker Street was a nightmare! Transferring from the deep Tube lines to the sub-surface, I waited an age on the HCL/Circle platforms waiting for an eastbound train (no information on the DMI other than saying which line it was!), while THREE Met Line trains headed east!

Problems on the Jubilee Line also cost me exactly 10 minutes.

Final time (don't laugh!) 8 hours 46 minutes 56 seconds! (I said, don't laugh!)

But still enough to claim the record! (I'm not declaring the route to anyone other than Tangy as I may have another go sometime!)


PS - To add to the catalogue of errors, I also put a banana in my jacket pocket rather than my rucksack pocket, to avoid it getting squashed. Then I took my javket off, tied it round my waist and sat on the pocket....
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