Bottle Challenge 23/1/16

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Bottle Challenge 23/1/16

Post by RJSRdg » 23 Jan 2016, 19:33

Just to let you all know I had ago at the Bottle Challenge this afternoon and knocked up a time of 1:56:34 which by my reckoning puts me 3rd in the league table!

All went pretty smoothly apart from just missing a Bakerloo line train at Paddington which cost me three minutes there and led to me losing another minute waiting for the Northern Line at Charing Cross. However I must have made something up on the last couple of changes as I wound up only just outside the 1:55 I was aiming for.

Had I not lost those 4 minutes though, I would have been pretty close to the record of 1:52:55.

Currently 4th place in the Bottle Challenge league table
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