Second tube challenge attempt

Let us know about your latest FULL NETWORK CHALLENGE efforts
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Second tube challenge attempt

Post by nick468 » 09 Jun 2014, 22:36

Hi there,

I'm delighted to say that I have completed all 270 stations on the tube at my second attempt.

I did the challenge last Friday, June 6, starting at Heathrow T4 at 05:02 and ending at Amersham at 00:59 (actually a little bit later since the final train was delayed). Clearly I was not going for speed, I just wanted to complete the network, and to get on the board.

On this occasion, I again went on the lazy route set by theorangeone, but with a few minor changes.

Unlike the last time I did the challenge when the first tube left Heathrow T4 late meaning I missed the first connection, the tube went dead on time on this occasion, allowing me to pick up the following train at Heathrow T123, then at Heathrow T5. Arriving into West Kensington, I got the bus to Kensington Olympia allowing me to get on the District Line train out at 06:25. In reality, having arrived at West Ken at 6am, I could have jogged to Ken O to get the 06:15. It would have spared me some stress later in the day! Not sure if any of you were in London Friday, but there was a signal failure at Edgware Rd leading to terrible delays on the Met, H&C and Circle lines. So I had to leave a lot of the zone 1 work until close to the end of the day. I also did West Harrow earlier in the day when I covered the Uxbridge branch on the Metropolitan/Piccadilly line to save having to bother with it at the end.

Towards the end of the day, I headed up the Met line to Harrow then Watford. Leaving Watford at 23:49, I was convinced I would miss the 23:54 service Moor Park to Chesham, which at the time, I felt would have seen me fall one station short again. Luckily, the 23:54 was two or three minutes delayed.... I'd hazard a guess this was because of the swarms of One Direction fans coming from Wembley. I never thought i'd be grateful to One Direction fans for anything, but there you go!

I think I was too relaxed in the early part of the day, and got complacent because I was ahead of time somewhat. One thing I learnt is that you have to press home any time advantage you have when you are doing this challenge. It might have saved me a bit of a nervy ending!

My final time, from the doors closing at Heathrow T4 to the doors opening in Amersham was 20:04:34.53

Not a world beating time by any means, but I am just delighted to have completed the network!


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Re: Second tube challenge attempt

Post by tractakid » 09 Jun 2014, 23:23

Congratulations on your completion! Satisfying I bet.

If you want a faster time definitely need to do running- arriving at 6 at West Ken, some tube challengers might make the 0606 from Olympia!
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Re: Second tube challenge attempt

Post by Nigel » 10 Jun 2014, 07:09

Well done Nick. If you would like to let me know your full name, I will add you to the top times list.

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Re: Second tube challenge attempt

Post by nick468 » 10 Jun 2014, 09:33

Thanks Nigel: it is Nick Rabbitts.


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Re: Second tube challenge attempt

Post by The Orange One » 10 Jun 2014, 09:57

Please bear in mind that the lazy route is basically as lax as I could make it in the time possible, and many of these connections can be greatly improved (e.g. Harrow and Wealdstone to Harrow-on-the-Hill is faster done with a run between Northwick Park and Kenton).

The original route had an unnecessary loop of the Circle Line in the middle, which I am pretty sure Nick didn't do. As I now know this route is tight for time, I shall find a way to edit it out, and with a bit of cleaning up of connections it can be changed into "an easy route for people searching for completions".
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Re: Second tube challenge attempt

Post by jimbob » 11 Jun 2014, 22:09

I'll add my congratulations as a fellow slow completer from 3 weeks ago. And I thought mine was slow when I logged it. Not sure of the 'OrangeOnes' lazy route. I used what I think is considered very old hat now with an Amersham start and Upminster finish. But I did manage a number of the traditional 'brisk walks' N Harrow/W Harrow, Northwick Pk/Kenton, Leytonstone/Leyton High Rd, Ickenham/W Ruislip and Aldgate E/Aldgate. I also used the train and bus connection from Richmond to Hatton X via Feltham and was pleasantly surprised to see the Bartons had used that in their recent completion.

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