New names for London Overground lines

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Re: New names for London Overground lines

Post by tubeguru »

Lunaticonthegrass wrote: 20 Feb 2024, 17:41 Just spotted that you mentioned that Brunel Line was suggested as a name for the South London (Windrush) line. I think that's a good name for it.

Also just realised that the line between Euston and Watford could be given a name which tells you where it goes and reflects British culture...

U Wot Line.
As someone who lives in the west of England, and who drives trains in the west of England, let me tell you how fed up I am of seeing EVERYTHING named after Brunel. You name it, there's something named after him in just about every part of the west of England.

They were even going to name our street after him, but they changed their minds :)
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Re: New names for London Overground lines

Post by al »

One thing that has become obvious is that this subject is liable to a massive dose of "I wouldn't have done it like that" - if not for all of it, then at least for a line or two!!

I wouldn't be surprised if even the Mayor isn't overly keen on at least one of them....
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Re: New names for London Overground lines

Post by GuyBarry »

Posters have now gone up along the lines giving the new name with a brief explanation of the history and a simplified route diagram. Except that there appears to be a small problem with this one...
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Re: New names for London Overground lines

Post by Lunaticonthegrass »

Incorrect but not impossible...
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Re: New names for London Overground lines

Post by Iain »

Next up - plans to switch all roundels to Comic Sans

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