3M Dust Masks for sale - as worn by the Underground Masker!

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3M Dust Masks for sale - as worn by the Underground Masker!

Post by CrunchySaviour » 27 Jun 2005, 19:02

I've got some 3M 06923 FFP2 (American 9211 N95) masks for sale at £2 each + 50p P&P.

Why wear one? Read this!

If there's any demand I'll put some on Ebay, but I'm offering them to you fellow "tubers" first so you don't have to mess about with Ebay itself.

Here's the data:

- 3M 06923 particulate respirator
- Meets the requirements of EN149:2001 category FFP2 and should be used to protect the wearer from solid and non-volatile liquid particles only (ie. tube dust)
- Can be used in contaminant concentrations up to 10 times the Occupational Exposure Limit
- Contains NO latex

As you can see, this is a LOT cheaper than the Respro cycle masks (£20+, filters about £10 when replacement necessary).

I understand that many of you might not trust me with your £2.50, so if you'd like some security I'll put some on Ebay for the same price. I've only got a few!!!




Masks come in sealed packaging as in the above picture.

Each one lasts for about 3-4 weeks daily commute, depending on how much time is actually spent underground.

PM me if you want one, or email bleeding_me_2000@hotmail.com.
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