thameslink on tube map

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thameslink on tube map

Post by trains 500 » 30 Dec 2020, 11:53

i would be very interested to know your views on thameslink being on the tube map. will it annoy other operators??
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Re: thameslink on tue map

Post by xcooler123 » 30 Dec 2020, 20:24

Should it be on the "Tube Map"*? - Yes because it's a valid cross London route that runs more frequently than some tube lines and is more useful for people than some of the changes.

* = I say Tube Map in inverted commas because many feel that the current version is too crowded and that it has outgrown its usefulness. There is of course a debate about what replaces it - the London Rail and Tube Map (which has all the NR services on it plus everything TfL), a Zone 1/2 map, both or something completely different?

Will it annoy other operators? - The only operator it will really annoy is TfL because of the perceived revenue abstraction from people using Thameslink as opposed to the tube (e.g. King's Cross St Pancras to London Bridge via Thameslink instead of the Northern Line). Therefore, the fare revenue will go to the DfT as opposed to TfL. This is why the inclusion of Thameslink on the tube map is currently only a trial period until early 2022 - the reason for this date is the improvement works at Bank which means reduced capacity on the Northern line from October 2021 until early 2022.
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Re: thameslink on tube map

Post by Going Underground » 30 Dec 2020, 22:25

It's very frustrating I always forget about the existence in R15's😒
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Re: thameslink on tube map

Post by trains 500 » 31 Dec 2020, 10:49

at least you wont now

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