Eurovision 2019

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Eurovision 2019

Post by Soup Dragon » 13 Mar 2019, 10:57

It's here again folks, all 41 countries have now selected their songs.
UK as usual picked the wrong song, and although it isn't awful, I just can't seeing anyone picking up the phone to vote for it.
So it will be near bottom in the Televote, we will need a huge Jury vote if we are to finish outside the bottom 5.

This looks to be a year where the minnows could do well. Iceland, Malta, Cyprus, Switzerland & The Netherlands are my top picks, and even little San Marino might even qualify for the final this year.

For those of you that think Eurovision is boring and predictable then take a look at Iceland's entry on YouTube. I'm getting similar vibes that I did in 2007 with Lordi, that the public might vote for something not typically Eurovision. If you fancy a dabble you can still get odds of 20/1 on Iceland.
One day I shall return!

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Re: Eurovision 2019

Post by Going Underground » 13 Mar 2019, 12:13

Good old Iceland, always outside the normal euro box :D
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