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Inspector Sands spotted at St. Pancras

Posted: 26 Apr 2016, 22:10
by michael_churchill
I've read that calling for "Inspector Sands" is a code, originally used in theatres and now also used in other public places like stations, to indicate to staff that a fire alarm has been raised. It alerts the staff without panicking the public before the alarm has been verified. I've read this but thought that it was an urban myth.

So, Friday morning, I'm in the security queue for Eurostar at St. Pancras International and there was a announcement that there would be a fire alarm test, just a drill, don't evacuate... the fire alarm goes off briefly, followed by an automated announcement, "Inspector Sands, please report to the control room"!

It's real! So if you hear a PA announcement calling for Inspector Sands, be prepared.