Crossrail Comparison Challenge

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Crossrail Comparison Challenge

Post by The Orange One » 16 Nov 2013, 20:46

If this ever happens, it will be a while in the future, so I'm leaving it here.

We've got three big projects going on at the moment - the Thameslink upgrade (which I like to call Crossrail Zero), Crossrail and Chelsea-Hackney (Crossrail 2). Crossrail 0 is already close to being finished, Crossrail 1 is well underway and Crossrail 2 should soon have a route (though it may be many years until this happens!)

But how much difference to journey times will this make? As we are the people most qualified to understand, I propose an official challenge - the Crossrail Comparison Challenge (feel free to set up the Crossrail Comparison Challenge Charity Collecting Corporation if you want!). We attempt Part 1 of the challenge, and when all three projects are complete, the tube challengers of that future day and age attempt Part 2. We use this as the comparison, not the Tfl figures.

Part 1 (our part!)
When Crossrail 2 has a route (which is supposed to be about 2015), we'll have three routes to chase down. The challenge is to visit all stations on Crossrails 0, 1 and 2 with the following rules:
- If the station is linked with at least one of Underground, LO, NR or DLR, you must visit by one of the appropriate services (I would specify LU means LU but that would mess up Ealing Broadway and Kentish Town).
- If the station is not linked with anything, you must visit the site on foot (e.g. Woolwich and Isle of Dogs Crossrail 1 stations).

We attempt this and set our own record time.

Part 2 (for our future counterparts!)
When all three projects are complete and running semi-smoothly, the tube challengers of that day (probably at this time hopeful traveller will be old and bearded and many of us will have passed on to a better place, where the tube runs with a genuinely perfect service) will attempt Crossrail Challenge part 2. The challenge is to visit all stations on Crossrails 0, 1 and 2 with the following rules:
- You must arrive or depart by Crossrail train.

Then we take the new time, divide by the old time, subtract from 1, multiply by 100 and we have a percentage time saving!
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Re: Crossrail Comparison Challenge

Post by A Challenge » 18 Oct 2015, 19:14

I suppose that it may work but we definitely have the harder time of it. There will probably will be a Crossrail record in future but it probably won't include your 'Crossrail 0' in it.
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