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Re: Who Are You? Tell Us!

Post by Iain » 27 Jan 2021, 08:50

I haven't seen him on here for a while, but Hakan and his team from Sweden, who held the record at one point, had some sort of statistical model done on computer.

I've tried to get my head around XML to try to produce something to help with route planning, but my computing skills are not up to date!
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Re: Who Are You? Tell Us!

Post by RJSRdg » 27 Jan 2021, 17:51

I did wonder if it would be possible to prepare a number of alternative routes in advance for a given start station, so a route could be chosen depending on which other stations were drawn.

Then I realised the number of different sets of stations that could be drawn in a standard R15 for a given start point is 3x10^18!

Then there are all the myriad extra OSIs that get used on R15s which are of little use in other challenges which would need to be accounted for....
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