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Posted: 24 Jun 2007, 10:56
by PFW
Going Underground wrote:When I log on from any PC there are "orange" flags for new posts, however when I hit view posts since last visit the "flags" disapear and
it says there are no new posts.....

Posted: 24 Jun 2007, 15:09
by gasman
I'm getting that too. Judging from the
You last visited on Sun Jun 24, 2007 3:02 pm
The time now is Sun Jun 24, 2007 3:02 pm
on the homepage, it appears that it's only considering a 'visit' to last a couple of seconds, so when you follow any link it's deciding that it's a new visit, and there haven't been any new posts since your last visit 10 seconds ago.

Posted: 24 Jun 2007, 16:37
by jonny
that idea seems to tie in somewhat with the problems that im having.

Posted: 26 Jun 2007, 09:12
by tubeguru
I think that this problem has resolved itself.

I haven't been able to delete the spammy accounts all weekend because I have to enter my password to get to the admin screen and it was just sending me round in circles.

However, last night I was able to delete about 15 or so rubbish accounts without a problem so we may be OK again.

How is it for everyone else?

Posted: 26 Jun 2007, 11:30
by Garion
Its now working OK for me. I had the logging in problem a few days ago but it appears to be fine now.

Posted: 26 Jun 2007, 11:52
by Going Underground
Yes looks ok now thanks Neil.. :D

Posted: 26 Jun 2007, 11:54
by tubeguru
I didn't do anything!

But I'll take whatever credit comes my way. :)

Posted: 18 Nov 2007, 09:51
by Soup Dragon
Is anyone else having problems when they are logged in trying to view the latest posts? As soon as you are logged in any post after about 11am yesterday are no longer shown. When you go to log out you get a message "Invalid Session"