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Posted: 31 Jan 2007, 09:44
by tubeguru
OK, as Geoff asked for some stats, I may as well shove some up here. I'll also publish the stats at the end of each month for the sake of continuity.

Since November 2005 I have been running <a href="" target="_blank">Statcounter</a> on this website, allowing me to see how many hits we're getting, which pages are being looked at, and all sorts of other interesting stuff.

Before I put January 2007's stats up, here are the stats for each quarter of 2006. I'm ignoring November and December 2005 for the sake of choosing a convenient cut-off point.

Quarter One 2006 - 01/01/06 - 31/03/06

Page Loads: 62,097
Unique Visitors: 10,423
First-time Visitors: 6,402
Returning Visitors: 4,021

Busiest Day: Thursday, 23rd February - 3,328 page loads

Quarter Two 2006 - 01/04/06 - 30/06/06

Page Loads: 129,903
Unique Visitors: 17,168
First-time Visitors: 9,802
Returning Visitors: 7,366

Busiest Day: Wednesday, 17th May - 3,452 page loads

Quarter Three 2006 - 01/07/06 - 30/09/06

Page Loads: 100,459
Unique Visitors: 11,599
First-time Visitors: 5,391
Returning Visitors: 6,208

Busiest Day: Wednesday 13th September - 3,082 page loads

Quarter Four 2006 - 01/10/06 - 31/12/06

Page Loads: 63,727
Unique Visitors: 10,040
First-time Visitors: 3,933
Returning Visitors: 6,107

Busiest Day: Monday 30th October - 1,637 page loads

Here are the definitions of what the above means:

Returning Visitors - Based purely on a cookie, if this person is returning to your website for another visit an hour or more later.

First Time Visitors - Based purely on a cookie, if this person has no cookie then this is considered their first time at your website.

Unique Visitor - Based purely on a cookie, this is the total of the returning visitors and first time visitors - all your visitors.

Page Load - The number of times a page on your website has been visited.

Posted: 31 Jan 2007, 09:49
by tubeguru
I have other stats too, but my log size isn't big enough for me to be able to go back to 2006 with these, so it only shows recent activity.

For example, earlier today, a "mystery user" logged in from Sweden, using MSIE 7.0 and the Windows 2003 OS set to a screen resolution of 1600x1200 with Javascript enabled.

This mystery user visited the site for 3 minutes and 33 seconds - his 93rd return visit since he last saved a cookie from this website on that computer.

I know his host name and IP address and the name of his ISP.

I'm watching you Hakan :)

Posted: 31 Jan 2007, 15:51
by nozzacook
At Last we are able to put a face to Big Brother Cheers Neil