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Posted: 07 Sep 2006, 20:24
by 43019
No problems reported at this end either! Lightning speed with the loading today!

Posted: 18 Sep 2006, 08:46
by CrunchySaviour
I always just click "Stop" and "Refresh". I also find using a good browser (Opera, Firefox) is preferable to Interweb Exploiter!

Ah... hang on... this thread was last posted in more than a week ago. Sorry!

Posted: 18 Sep 2006, 09:01
by tubeguru
Where have you been anyway, you masked imbecile?

Posted: 18 Sep 2006, 13:35
by moley
I have a update to this.

It turns out that some companies - BT, NTL and Telwest included seem to be having problems with their dns/caching servers and some website. One group of websites that seems particularly affected - forums!

Posted: 18 Sep 2006, 13:56
by dr_chris
I had this problem.

I blame shitty wireless. Remind me to ban Belkin routers from my house.