The forum "in decline"?

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Re: The forum "in decline"?

Post by hopeful traveller » 04 May 2014, 14:33

To be honest, Tubeguru's correct; I think a large amount of people do view it in a tongue in cheek way, with the effect that I sometimes end up parodying myself (I mean, come on, was I really wearing a black suit when Maggie died?). I really don't want to wade in with any thoughts on anything else, though.
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Re: The forum "in decline"?

Post by tractakid » 05 May 2014, 00:24

moley wrote:Tractakid disrupting rather than playing tumbleweed springs to mind.
I want to apologise for irritating you.

As for the 270 club thread, nowhere was the charity event criticised. The thread's purpose is to document everyone who has visited all 270 stations by tube train (no application necessary), the posts simply clarified that Walk the Tube did not meet that criteria. It is clear that WTT was doing something that was not the tube challenge, but something close to it. They achieved their goal, and I am sure the charities have been blessed by the money raised.
*insert boasting about notable tube accomplishments here*

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Re: The forum "in decline"?

Post by Sam » 06 May 2014, 14:14

I've not been on the forum for a while (how dare I?!) and this is the FUNNIEST thread I have read in ages. Thanks for the laugh and tubeguru, keep up the good work ;)
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Re: Zone 1 2014- Friday 30th May

Post by geofftech » 11 May 2014, 23:39

The Orange One wrote:May I propose possible reasons to the decline on the forum? Perhaps...

That said, I guess some people on the forum are a little off-putting, including:
- Geoff and Andi, the two most famous tube challengers of modern times, used to take digs at each other all the time before Geoff stopped using the forum on getting his second record, which can seem immature. Andi's posts still remain, and one or two of Geoff's posts also remain (those which have not been converted into "trains")
cheers for the accolade ... But I'm fairly sure that I never started any posts that had a dig at anyone, but if anyone ever had a pop at me though, I would do what all people would naturally do and that's reply and defend myself. (A bit like now).

I also stopped using the forum regularly well before we set the current record time, not after we did it.

I haven't edited any of my old posts to 'trains' for ages now! Dammit, I forgot I was doing this. Thanks for the reminder...

My $0.02 ... The forum got dull to use when I would login and find that the majority of the time the only new posts were the word or number games that people seemed intent on playing, which I find an utter waste of time.

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Re: The forum "in decline"?

Post by geofftech » 11 May 2014, 23:48

palkanetoijala31 wrote:i have no grudge against geoff he is not exactly a friend of mine either personally i havent been posting on here in a while as see it all before and read it all before
in a way grudges are amusing strange how the current world record holder doesnt actually post anything on here anymore apart from trains of course!
This is a good point that Andi (also no grudge) makes - I have seen stuff on here recently that to me is just all seen it/read before, so I feel I have nothing to say on the matter, there's nothing new to discuss.

(This post will be edited to "trains" within 30 days...) :lol:

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Re: The forum "in decline"?

Post by TC95 » 19 Jun 2014, 18:08

geofftech wrote:(This post will be edited to "trains" within 30 days...) :lol:
You must be working in London Underground days :lol:
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