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Posted: 07 Apr 2013, 23:53
by hopeful traveller
According to this page, is 5,763,305th in the world wide web traffic rankings. We only have 24 sites linking in. is 20,173,857th with 17 sites linking in.

Watch out, 5,763,303* websites, we're coming for you....

*Obviously petere nolo

Re: 5,763,305th

Posted: 08 Apr 2013, 00:17
by greatkingrat
So the 10th most common search term for this site is "George Bernard Shaw went to Brazil" :? :?:

Re: 5,763,305th

Posted: 08 Apr 2013, 08:26
by tubeguru
I've always had my eye on the top 5,500,000. Almost there ...

Re: 5,763,305th

Posted: 09 May 2013, 14:06
by tractakid
Hmm, we seem to have dropped down a couple of million.