Random 15 Championship 2019/20: Round 5- CANCELLED

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Random 15 Championship 2019/20: Round 5- CANCELLED

Post by tangy » 17 May 2020, 09:48

Statement from the BERC:

This round of the Random 15 Championship due to be held on Saturday 30th May 2020 is unfortunately being CANCELLED.

In line with the UK government guidelines, we are still officially in lockdown and are likely still to be so when this event was meant to take place. Therefore it would be foolish of me to allow this event to take place as we would be breaking many rules of the lockdown measures such as gathering in a large group of unrelated persons which is not allowed.

Furthermore, even though TfL has rescinded its message about not travelling unless absolutely essential and services are slowly returning to near normal frequency, the message is still clear about use of public transport. Riding around the Tube system for the purpose of a Tube Challenge would not considered a valid reason for travelling. Also, we still have the issue of social distancing to consider which is especially relevant in enclosed spaces such as a deep level Tube train!

We also know that pubs would still be banned from opening on the day of the event, making the post challenge social, results and darts near impossible to conduct which is an integral part of the day for many that attend.

Thank you for your understanding.

Adjudicator of the Alternative Challenges and webmaster of the Tube Challenge "Top Times" website at www.explorerticket.co.uk/tubechallenge

This is a Central line train to "Woodford via Hainault"- sadly, not no more!


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Re: Random 15 Championship 2019/20: Round 5- CANCELLED

Post by nozzacook » 17 May 2020, 11:24

Totally the correct thing to do Martin. For us who live outside London, network rail is still limited service no hotels, no parkrun and as you said no pubs.
With the Olympics moved to next year is it now sensible to cancel rest of this season and try again September.
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