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Re: Random 15 Championship 2019/20: Round 2

Posted: 15 Nov 2019, 12:13
by Going Underground
A2 wrote:
14 Nov 2019, 22:59
Attending - GU, alexmcmotor, Kat, dadofalex, xcooler123, roblo97, RJSRdg, A2
parkrun @ Bexley - GU, xcooler123, roblo97, A2
Spoons @ The New Cross Turnpike, Welling - GU, xcooler123, roblo97, A2
Rob will be earning his spoons brekkie for once :wink:

Re: Random 15 Championship 2019/20: Round 2

Posted: 15 Nov 2019, 23:25
by tractakid
I'll be at Bexley, spoons, and R15, but I cant hang around after the R15 as I am playing a gig in MK tomorrow evening. Gotta be on a train back at 17:43 I believe.

Re: Random 15 Championship 2019/20: Round 2

Posted: 16 Nov 2019, 05:55
by DrainBrain
Attending - GU, alexmcmotor, Kat, dadofalex, xcooler123, roblo97, RJSRdg, A2, DrainBrain
parkrun @ Bexley - GU, xcooler123, roblo97, A2, DrainBrain
Spoons @ The New Cross Turnpike, Welling - GU, xcooler123, roblo97, A2, DrainBrain

Re: Random 15 Championship 2019/20: Round 2

Posted: 16 Nov 2019, 09:47
by RJSRdg
Sorry, I'll have to pull out I'm afraid as I picked up a knee injury during the week, which hasn't quite cleared up yet and I don't want to make it worse.

Re: Random 15 Championship 2019/20: Round 2

Posted: 16 Nov 2019, 23:29
by EastActionWoman
So happy - what a fantastic run today! Had so many great changes and only one long wait of seven minutes.

At Oval, I forgot which way to go so got to the platform just in time to see Hugo get on the train and the doors shut. Worked out for the best once I looked at the list again, and was able to confirm with Tangy that I could ignore Aldgate.

Along with everyone else, piled on to the next train to Stockwell, where we all changed to Victoria line to Brixton. After reversing, I carried on up to Green Park where I got the door position wrong, but still got to the plaform in time for the train pulling in. Jubilee line via Westminster to Waterloo, then the long jog/fast walk to the Northern line up to Leicester Square. [After talking to Hugo in the pub afterwards, I should have just stayed on to TCR and changed to Central there.] Piccadilly up to Holborn where the Central platform was packed, so not sure changing at TCR would have made up any time today, but one to remember for the future.

Through to Bank via St Paul's, then Northern via Angel to King's Cross, where I met up with Andrew C briefly. At Arsenal, I doubled back but he stayed on to Finsbury Park. Turned out I was on the same train as Kev and David as we met up on the Northern platform. I hopped onto the Edgware train via Euston up to Hampstead. I didn't see what they did but assumed they went towards Archway first instead. A quick turnaround back down to Camden Town, fought my way through confused tourists to the High Barnet platform and quickly got a train up to Archway. I knew if I got a good reverse, I could make the connection to Thameslink at Kentish Town. Sure enough a train pulled in as I got to the platform and I only had to wait 3 mins at Kentish Town for the train (which had toilets!!)

Didn't know door positions for Thameslink so ended up going further than planned to get to the main road, so just missed a northbound Jubilee at West Hampstead. Luckily one pulled in a minute later and I was up to Willesden Green in no time. Again an instant interchange and back down to Baker Street. Found out that the Circle/H&C were only running every ten minutes, and that I'd have three minutes to make the connection. Flung myself up the escalator, along the Met platforms, up the steps, by the time I got to the bridge thought I was going to pass out. Luckily, I could see loads of people on the platform and no train, so slowed down for the rest of the run. Met up with Kev, David and Andrew C again on the platform :D

A nice long journey down to Wood Lane via Paddington and a chance to get my breath back. After checking Central line departures, I figured I didn't have to run too hard to get to White City as there was a bit of a gap between trains and the guys were still on the platform when I caught up to them. I had my only long wait of the day when we got to East Acton, though not long enough to nip home for a cup of tea. A couple more westbound trains pulled in whilst we were waiting, so we thought someone else might join us but no-one did. Checking departure times again, I saw that there was an Overground due soon from Shepherd's Bush to West Brompton but we'd only have two minutes to do the interchange. Knew I'd have no chance getting up the stairs/escalator, through the zombie shoppers, over the road and across to the southbound platform so played it safe going for the Notting Hill interchange. As the train pulled in at East Acton, the guys headed towards the back whilst I headed to the front. I thought they were probably fit enough to make the connection, but also thought that if they missed it I had a good chance of winning :twisted: As I started up the escalator at Notting Hill, Kev and Dave ran past me, but carried on up to the ticket hall. I ran across to the shortcut where Andrew passed me, but again we all ended up on the platform together. We finished up at West Brompton in 3:06:55, where it was on to the pub for a well-deserved pint (of coke) and for my heart rate to finally slow to a normal level.

tl;dr That was so much fun and I wasn't last!

Re: Random 15 Championship 2019/20: Round 2

Posted: 17 Nov 2019, 06:00
by The Orange One
Well, I made two pretty big errors which pretty much ruined my hopes of coming in first...

Started at Oval along with everyone else, and opened the envelope on the escalator down to the platforms. Saw Brixton on there and heard a train pulling in, so put on a burst of speed in case it was a southbound (it was!) and just made it through the closing doors one train up on everyone else.

This turned out to be my first mistake, as when I checked the list, I had absolutely no idea what to do about Aldgate, and Tangy was back at Oval giving the organiser's ruling to every other challenger on that platform, believing everyone was present and correct. This meant the first draft route I planned at this point had passive provision for an exterior visit to Aldgate station, and thus a very much inferior Aldgate finish...

Changed at Stockwell, down to Brixton, the usual quick turnaround and back up to Green Park. I found a Victoria-Piccadilly corridor rammed solid with people on one side of the railings, but fairly empty on the other, so I ran down and jumped on a Northfields train that was pulling in. Down to Earl's Court and change to the District to take me to West Brompton. Headed over the bridge and intended to check Overground times, but an arriving District line towards Edgware Road put paid to that idea and I jumped aboard. This turned out to be my second big mistake.

The train took me up to Earl's Court, where we sat in the platform for about 3-4 minutes to "regulate the service". We then pulled out of the station and stopped on the curve round to High Street Kensington for about 6 minutes, for NO REASON AT ALL. Finally arriving at Notting Hill Gate, I descended to the Central line and was rewarded with a West Ruislip train pulling in, or so I thought...

This train proceeded to sit in the tunnel between Shepherd's Bush and White City for over 15 minutes, meaning that at this point I was probably playing for honour.

Finally made it to East Acton, where I had a 3 minute turnaround, and then to White City and across to Wood Lane, where I mercifully had to wait just 1 minute for an H&C up to Baker Street, via both Paddington H&C and, of course, 3 more minutes of random waiting for the train to move at Edgware Road. Plus side - I finally got a reply from someone at this point letting me know that Aldgate was to be skipped - albeit far too late to amend my route for a West London finish like most other people - so I quickly restructured things a bit. Down to the Jubilee and a three minute wait for a northbound train, and this was when the attrition started.

At every station from here to Willesden Green, the Jubilee line opened its doors, let people off, let people on, then sat there for an extra half a minute for no reason. And this didn't stop at Willesden Green - at every station all the way back down to Waterloo (via Westminster), it did exactly the same thing, leaving me thoroughly annoyed 16 stations later. Mercifully, an empty aisle in the travelator meant I had a clear run over to the Northern line and the train promptly pulled in to take me to Tottenham Court Road.

Up to TCR via Leicester Square, eastbound Central line train arriving as I reached platform. Pass through St. Paul's to Bank, quick corridor run, northbound Northern line train waiting for me in the platform. Through Angel to King's Cross St. Pancras, up the escalator and straight onto a waiting Piccadilly line train to take me via Arsenal to Finsbury Park. Over to the Victoria line, down to Euston, through the empty corridor shortcut to the northbound Bank branch platforms and a 2 minute wait for the first train, which was an Edgware. Up to Hampstead, back to Camden Town, meet dadofalex (the first challenger I'd seen since Oval!) who joined me for the final run up to Archway in a time of 03:18:22.

Got back to the pub to find out I probably didn't do that badly after all... but stay tuned for Tangy's results to find out!

TL;DR Oval :arrow: Stockwell :arrow: Brixton :arrow: Green Park :arrow: Earl's Court :arrow: West Brompton :arrow: Earl's Court For Regulation :arrow: Triangle Sidings For Regulation :arrow: Notting Hill Gate :arrow: The Caxton Curve For Regulation :arrow: East Acton :arrow: White City :arrow: run to Wood Lane :arrow: Edgware Road For Regulation (via Paddington H&C) :arrow: Baker Street :arrow: Every Stop On The Jubilee Line Up To Willesden Green For Regulation :arrow: Every Stop On The Jubilee Line Back Down To Waterloo For Regulation (via Westminster) :arrow: Tottenham Court Road (via Leicester Square) :arrow: Bank (via St. Paul's) :arrow: King's Cross St. Pancras (via Angel) :arrow: Finsbury Park (via Arsenal) :arrow: Euston :arrow: Hampstead :arrow: Camden Town :arrow: Archway

Total time: 03:18:22
Total time spent being regulated: about 35 minutes

Re: Random 15 Championship 2019/20: Round 2

Posted: 17 Nov 2019, 22:25
by tractakid
Keen to know the results for this as I missed them live!

Re: Random 15 Championship 2019/20: Round 2

Posted: 18 Nov 2019, 15:57
by Going Underground
tractakid wrote:
17 Nov 2019, 22:25
Keen to know the results for this as I missed them live!
yeah sure, Jenny, David and myself won :wink:

Re: Random 15 Championship 2019/20: Round 2

Posted: 18 Nov 2019, 19:37
by tractakid
Um? 😂😂 I think you may have been a little bit forgetful there

Re: Random 15 Championship 2019/20: Round 2

Posted: 01 Dec 2019, 19:49
by tractakid
tangy wrote:
03 Nov 2019, 21:11
Round 2
Hi Tangy, any news on the results from this event please?

Re: Random 15 Championship 2019/20: Round 2

Posted: 02 Dec 2019, 08:30
by xcooler123
tractakid wrote:
01 Dec 2019, 19:49
tangy wrote:
03 Nov 2019, 21:11
Round 2
Hi Tangy, any news on the results from this event please?
I remember him saying that he was waiting for his laptop to be repaired and the forum website doesn't work on his iPad, hence the delay.

Re: Random 15 Championship 2019/20: Round 2

Posted: 17 Dec 2019, 10:44
by tangy
Thanks for your patience, here are the very delayed results to round 2 of the Random 15 Championship which took place on the 16th November 2019.

This was a normal round, so 15 stations on the London Underground network only within zones 1 and 2. However with large parts of the sub-surface lines closed and the scattered nature of the stations thus generated it proved a challenge to even get round in time!

The stations were:
--Oval (start/meet up)
--West Brompton
--Willesden Green
--Leicester Square
--Euston (LU)
--Brixton (LU)
--Paddington H&C
--East Acton
--St. Paul's

**Aldgate was closed due to engineering work and I am sure it was marked off to be excluded, so an executive decision was made at the start to remove this station from the challenge and have the first random 14.

There were 14 challengers split into 11 teams:
--11th: Simon Kneller- only visited 12 stations in 04:35:22 (last station visit: Westminster)
--10th: Nick Gardner- only visited 12 stations in 03:45:46 (last station visit: Padd. H&C)
--9th: Peter Smyth- only visited 13 stations in 03:25:24 (Completed, but did not visit Euston)
--8th: Richard Graham- completed 03:51:55 at Angel
--7th: Alex Kneller and Kat Hopper- completed 03:48:32 at Willesden green
--6th: Rob Lomas and Andrew Baker- completed 03:38:03 at Willesden Green
--5th: Tangy- completed 03:34:13 at Earl's Court (arrived at West Brompton by Overground so had to keep watch running).
--4th: Hugo Marrow- completed 03:18:22 at Archway
=1st: Andrew Chilcraft- completed 03:06:55 at West Brompton*
=1st: Jenny Sherman- completed 03:06:55 at West Brompton*
=1st: Kevin Brown and David Edwards 03:06:55 at West Brompton*

*All three teams had differing routes during the challenge and somehow all ended up on the same train into West Brompton!

Putting these scores into the leaderboard:

1st: David Edwards (24 points) [2 rounds attended]
2nd: Kevin Brown (18) [2]
3rd: Hugo Marrow (17) [2]
=4th: Tangy (16) [2]
=4th: Andrew Chilcraft (16) [2]
6th: Jenny Sherman (15) [2]
7th: Alistair Brown (12) [1]
8th: Andrew Baker (11) [2]
9th: Clive Burgess (10) [1]
10th: Matthew Cook (6) [1]
=11th: Damian Cook (5) [1]
=11th: Izzy Cook (5) [1]
=11th: Peter Smyth (5) [2]
=11th: Rob Lomas (5) [2]
=15th: Alex Kneller (4) [1]
=15th: Kat Hopper (4) [1]
=17th: Rhys Benjamin (3) [1]
=17th: Richard Graham (3) [2]
19th: Nick Gardner (1) [2]
=20th: Richard Standing (0) [1]
=20th: Michael Churchill (0) [1]
=20th: Das Stevens (0) [1]

Round 3 is now less than a month away on the 11th January 2020 and it will be everyone's favourite- the National Rail round. Get those London Connections maps ready.

the BERC.