Cannon Street Run XIV - Ye Olde Bilge Mouse - Thursday 19th Sept

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Re: Cannon Street Run XIV - Ye Olde Bilge Mouse - Thursday 19th Sept

Post by Going Underground » 20 Sep 2019, 13:05

Well blow me down and shiver me timbers!!!!!!

A flooding we had whilst having grog but 10 able seaman and seawomen steered through the treacherous waters of ye olde bile mouse arrrrr...

Here are yee finishing ports and voyage times!!!

9th "Cabin Boy" Roblo - Lost at sea - Borough - 2:09:47
8th "Cook and bottle washer" Richie G - Walking ye plank - Charing Cross -1:52:37
7th "Cadets" Jenny & Deborah - Clapped in Irons - Bank - 1:43:41
Joint 5th "Midshipmen" hopeful traveller and the Ex Cap'n Kev - Scrubbing the decks - Southwark - 1:38:40
4th "Quartermaster" Hugo - Sent to ye Crows Nest - Bank - 1:38:36
3rd "First Mate" Tangy - On the poop deck - Euston Square - 1:37:05
2nd "Cap'n" Richard S - At the Helm - Southwark - 1:32:14
1st "Admiral" David C - Sent to the Admiralty - Bank - 1:31:20

First mate Tangy - could ye update ye olde explore charts me olde sawlty sea dogg!!
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Re: Cannon Street Run XIV - Ye Olde Bilge Mouse - Thursday 19th Sept

Post by tangy » 20 Sep 2019, 21:04

I concur with the Bakerloo being terrible, my first change at Embankment onto the Bakerloo cost me at least 6 minutes, as the first train that came was out of service and did not stop. The next finally rolled in after another 3-4 minutes full and standing (the busiest Bakerloo train I have seen a long time). I only wanted to go one stop to Charing X...

I could have run to Charing X and back in that time!
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Re: Cannon Street Run XIV - Ye Olde Bilge Mouse - Thursday 19th Sept

Post by roblo97 » 20 Sep 2019, 23:23

Well, that went brilliantly! :lol:

I started at Cannon Street with everyone else and as soon as we all got off at Embankment came the first mistake of the night. I had planned to catch the Northern Line from Embankment but not following the signs at the station and a single wrong turning later saw me heading down an escalator to the Bakerloo Line.

I then decided to follow David for a bit as we went down to Elephant & Castle and Kennington where I promptly just missed a train which he had made! I then decided to stick back to my original route and went up to Camden Town on the Charring Cross Branch, back to Euston and then a run to Euston Square.

After that, I took the sub-surface to Moorgate, up the Northern line to KXSP before heading down the Piccadilly to Covent Garden and doubling back to Holborn. I then got the Central Line to Bank and then had an eventful change to the Waterloo & City Line as I’d tripped whilst running up an escalator.
After visiting Waterloo and getting to Southwark, I stopped the stopwatch on my phone thinking I’d done quite well, I then went back to Waterloo to wash my hands after the escalator fall and made my way to McDonalds. It was only between Leicester Square and Tottenham Court Road, I’d realised that I had forgotten to visit London Bridge and for the second time this year, Borough!

Cue getting off at Warrant Street, changing to the Victoria Line, changing to the Jubilee at Green Park, changing to the Northern Line at London Bridge and eventually getting to Borough. It was actually so late that by the time I had reached McDonalds, the flooding had occurred and everyone was leaving. A few of us stayed chatting and then decide to go to the pub around the corner from the station!
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Z1: 02:45:54
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