Random 15 Championship 2018/19: Round 5

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Re: Random 15 Championship 2018/19: Round 5

Post by alexmcmotor » 29 Apr 2019, 10:31

Well, I'm pretty sure Kat and I were the last to go through the barriers (along with [Edward?] at Green Park), as we took the time to map all the stations and come up with a vague plan. Edward followed us down to the Jubilee line, but he went North, and we went South. We wouldn't see anyone else for hours.

On the way to Southwark we were debating whether to reverse and change at Waterloo or to go on foot; a mixture of wanderlust and hatred for the Jubilee change at Waterloo prompted us to go on foot between Southwark and Lambeth North. No idea if it saved or cost us time, but it was fun to do something new. Southbound Bakerloo and changing to Southbound Northern line as far as Clapham Common, where we had 2 options; go round the Overground to West Brompton, or take the Victoria Line back into the centre. We went for the latter option, and used it to tick off some of the central stations, changing at Stockwell and then Oxford Circus to Westbound Central to take us through Queensway to Notting Hill Gate, where I used my ex-local knowledge to take a chance on getting a 52/452 bus, and we lucked in as there was one waiting at the bus stop with doors open. After being deposited at Kensington Church, we made the short walk to High Street Kensington to be disappointed by watching a train leave as we descended the stairs. 7 minutes or so later we got a Wimbledon train through Earl's Court to West Brompton, where frustratingly watched a Richmond train leave as we were pulling in. We got an Ealing Broadway train through Stamford Brook to Turnham Green, where we waited for the Richmond train 2 minutes behind to take us to Gunnersbury, where we had a 5 minute change onto an Overground to take us to Willesden Junction. Southbound Bakerloo took us through Queen's Park and Edgware Road to Baker Street, where we once again watched a train leave, this time the Northbound Jubilee. Through Swiss Cottage, Finchley Road, West Hampstead & Willesden Greenwe reversed.

On the Overground earlier we were brainstorming how to get from the Jubilee to Belsize Park (having no idea that Swiss Cottage - Belsize Park was a thing), we opted to get the NLL again to Hampstead Heath and go on foot from there. We waited 5 minutes or so for a Stratford train, and had another voyage of discovery exploring the route to Belsize Park, where after an agonisingly slow lift journey, met Clive on the platform as we headed Southbound. We rightly predicted that Clive had already done Tufnell Park, so we parted ways at Camden Town and took a High Barnet train to Tufnell Park, where we reversed and luckily the first train was a Charing Cross branch train, which we took through Warren Street to TCR, and from there it was the trivial Eastbound Central to Mile End, District and walk to Bow Church, change at Poplar for Westferry for a Lewisham train through Cutty Sark to Greenwich, for a finishing time of 04:36:17, which after seeing Clive approximately net 10 minutes ahead of us, we didn't believe to be particularly good, and were expecting a low points finish.

So we were very pleasantly surprised to come 4th! :D Especially because of the number of people who had already arrived at the pub when we did; subject to our very leisurely return from Greenwich.

Hopefully see you all at the last one :)
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Re: Random 15 Championship 2018/19: Round 5

Post by tangy » 08 May 2019, 10:57

The results of round 5 of the 2018/19 Random 15 Championship held on Saturday 27th April 2019.

This was a reverse marathon twist, with a fixed start at Green park and fixed finish at Greenwich DLR with 24 stations in zones 1 and 2 on the LU or DLR network to be visited in between. However I failed to tell my nominated person to exclude Greenwich from the list of stations therefore it managed to make its way onto the main list of stations!

Obviously, I didn't realise this had happened until I opened the envelope at the start and had to decide how to proceed. By this time many teams had already departed on their respective routes and thus the best course of action would be to continue short formed and just go along the 25 stations that were printed on the sheet.

So anyway, here are the results:

There were 16 challengers split into 13 teams. All teams finished at Greenwich DLR.

13th: Simon Kneller- 05:16:30
12th: Rob Lomas- 05:06:42
=10th: Nick Gardner- 05:01:05
=10th: Peter Smyth- 05:01:05
=8th: Kevin Brown and Andrew Baker- 04:51:33
=8th: Richard Standing- 04:51:33
7th: Edward Moye- 04:45:05
=5th: Damian & Matthew Cook- 04:40:57
=5th: Tangy- 04:40:57
4th: Alex Kneller and Kat Hopper- 04:36:17
3rd: Clive Burgess- 04:26:10
2nd: Andrew Chilcraft- 04:21:23
1st: David Edwards- 03:56:11

The league table is now updated as below:

1. David Edwards: 50 points overall [5 rounds attended]
2. Clive Burgess: 43 [5]
3. Andrew Chilcraft: 36 [4]
4. Tangy: 34 [5]
5. Hugo Marrow: 30 [3]
6. Andrew Baker: 29 [5]
7. Kevin Brown: 25 [5]
8. Alex Kneller: 22 [5]
9. Kat Hopper: 21 [3]
10. Peter Smyth: 19 [5]
11=. Damian Cook:12 [2]
11=. Matthew Cook: 12 [2]
13. Michael Churchill: 9 [4]
14. Mike Townley: 8 [1]
15. Samuel Mills: 6 [1]
16=. Rhys Benjamin: 5 [1]
16=. Nick Gardner: 5 [3]
18=. Edward Moye: 4 [1]
18=. Simon Kneller: 4 [4]
18=. Richard Standing: 4 [4]
21=. David Jay: 3 [1]
21=. Rob Lomas: 3 [4]
23. Das Stevens: 1 [4]
24=. Felix Andrew: 0 [2]
24=. Max Shepherd: 0 [2]
24=. Andi James: 0 [1]
24=. Rhys Jackson: 0 [1]
24=. Lee Maxter: 0 [1]

The grand finale of the 2018/19 season and the last chance to grab some league table points is on Saturday 1st June 2019. Remember that in line with league table scoring any challenger who attends all six rounds will have their worst score deducted.

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Re: Random 15 Championship 2018/19: Round 5

Post by michael_churchill » 23 May 2019, 16:49

Any news on Round 6 (i.e. a starting station) yet? Only 9 days away!

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