Zone 1 Challenge Cup 2019

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Zone 1 Challenge Cup 2019

Post by tangy » 28 Mar 2019, 17:32

Yes, it's that time of year again...the Zone 1 Challenge Cup this year is Friday 31st May 2019.

The aim is simple: visit all 64 stations on the London Underground system that are within Oyster card Zone 1 in the fastest time. You will be competition with other teams (and the trains themselves) for the coveted Zone One Challenge Cup. All teams will start from the same station at the same time and the start station is not known until 45 minutes before the challenge...

Full details of the event (including meet up location, timetable of the day, rules of the challenge and after event quiz) can be found on the dedicated website at ... ne1cup.htm

Even though this is an open invitation event, it would greatly assist me if you notify me of your attendance at the event (even if you are at this stage a maybe). Contact details are on the website (see link above) or if you have me on social media, message me.

Hope to see many of you there, be it a first timer or a regular challenger that shows up year after year.

BOZO (Boss Of Zone One).
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Tube Challenge League Tables website, it's here at


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Re: Zone 1 Challenge Cup 2019

Post by xcooler123 » 08 May 2019, 18:20

Attending - xcooler123
5 x FNC attempts, Best Tine - 17:25:11 (Comic Relief 2017)
17 x R15, Best Time - 02:02:46
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Still waiting for Finchley Road...

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Re: Zone 1 Challenge Cup 2019

Post by Going Underground » 08 May 2019, 18:33

Attending - xcooler123, GU
Twice former full network GWR holder and former Zone 1 Olympic and World Record holder with The Raven and Soupie
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Re: Zone 1 Challenge Cup 2019

Post by michael_churchill » 14 May 2019, 09:46

Attending - xcooler123, GU, michael_churchill

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Re: Zone 1 Challenge Cup 2019

Post by tractakid » 14 May 2019, 12:51

Attending - xcooler123, GU, michael_churchill, tractakid
*insert boasting about notable tube accomplishments here*

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Re: Zone 1 Challenge Cup 2019

Post by A2 » 25 May 2019, 22:01

Not going to make this one, sorry.
- Andrew

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