Random 15 Championship 2017/18: Round 4

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Re: Random 15 Championship 2017/18: Round 4

Post by The Orange One » 23 Feb 2018, 11:41

DrainBrain wrote:
23 Feb 2018, 11:30
Going Underground wrote:
21 Feb 2018, 12:02
Attending; GU, xcooler123, roblo97
parkrun(s) Homewood; GU
Spoons(s) The Kentish Drovers; xcooler123, roblo97

I will now be going to a local parkrun at Homewood to support a friend who recently lost his dad... You might want to change your spoons plans??
I suggest a more central Spoons. How about The Sir John Oldcastle, near Farringdon? That will make for an easy journey to the start.
the William Morris, Hammersmith? Good for anyone doing a West London parkrun/staying in West London post FNC...
All London buses: 23 hours 25 minutes (with Adham, David, Josh and Tangy)
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Re: Random 15 Championship 2017/18: Round 4

Post by RJSRdg » 24 Feb 2018, 22:20

I arrived at the start today with high hopes, sitting at joint 6th in the leaderboard after a good 4th place in Round 3, and with an effective race in hand I was hoping to make up further ground in the Championship. Unfortunately, the reverse happened :-(

Mistake #1 was to choose the wrong platform at Ladbroke Grove, leaving me with a 6 minute wait for a northbound train rather than a near-immediate start for a southbound. Still, nearly everybody else made the same choice. At Royal Oak, I jumped off whilst everybody else stayed on to Edgware Road - that was my second mistake!

On the run to Warwick Avenue, it was apparent my left ankle wasn't particularly happy, so my pace was slowed, however I still made Warwick Avenue in a reasonable time for a Queen's Park terminator. At Queen's Park I made probably the worst mistake of the day.

Last year, I annotated a London Connections map with various 'useful' bus routes, and noting that I'd drawn in a route from Willesden Junction to Willesden Green, I opted to catch the next train to WJ and over to WG by bus.

Several minutes' wait for the bus at WJ. When it arrived, we went quarter of a mile down the road to the first set of traffic lights then sat stationary for several cycles of the lights as the traffic ahead was too solid - there was nowhere for us to go! Eventually the bus moved, did a left turn by Harlesden Jubilee Clock and stopped again to wait until the bus in front vacated its stop. That bus moved on, and mine pulled into the stop where it stopped for a while before the driver announced "I'm terminating this bus here!", leaving me to run/walk the rest of the way to Willesden Green, arriving well over half an hour after I had reached Queen's Park! By now I realised any chance of a successful round had gone out of the window, especially when I spotted Peter was in the same carriage - never a good sign! To make matters worse, I also discovered at Willesden Green that my Travelcard had demagnetised!

Down the Jubilee to Finchley Road (where I briefly lost my bearings and consequently nearly missed a Met train), down to Baker Street and over to the Eastbound HC/Circle. Next train six minutes! For some reason, I decided to try to go "over the top" to Edgware Road Subsurface, and didn't even think of trying the Bakerloo! In the event, I think I spent most of those six minutes trapped on the traffic island outside Baker Street station! Certainly, when I got to Edgware Road, there was an Eastbound train in the station, indicating that I hadn't gained any time and had probably lost at least one westbound train. Back west to King's Cross, where I realised nearly two hours had elapsed and I had not yet visited half the stations, and began to wonder if I might miss out on a completion. I took the shorter route down to the Northern and down south via Old Street, where I spotted Clive on a northbound service. Down to Bank, west via St Paul's to Holborn, thence the Picc. At Covent Garden, things were looking a little better as I now had 11 stations in 2 hours 15. On over to Hammersmith, then a lengthy double back. I deliberated whether to change to the subsurface at South Ken or straight on to the Vic at Green Park and opted for the former - possibly another mistake! Over to Victoria, down to Stockwell, Elephant & Castle, then Waterloo via Lambeth North, then on to Canning Town on the Jubilee for a somewhat disappointing 3:36:10, which was just fast enough for last place and no points.
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Re: Random 15 Championship 2017/18: Round 4

Post by The Orange One » 25 Feb 2018, 17:50

Putting my route up:

Ladbroke Grove :arrow: Hammersmith (H&C) :arrow: Hammersmith (D/P) (run) :arrow: Acton Town :arrow: Acton Central (by 70 bus) :arrow: Brondesbury :arrow: Kilburn (run) :arrow: Willesden Green :arrow: Swiss Cottage :arrow: South Hampstead (run) :arrow: Queen's Park :arrow: Edgware Road (Bakerloo) via Warwick Avenue :arrow: Edgware Road (Circle) (run) :arrow: Baker Street :arrow: Green Park :arrow: Stockwell :arrow: Elephant and Castle :arrow: Waterloo via Lambeth North :arrow: Leicester Square :arrow: Holborn via Covent Garden :arrow: Bank via St. Paul's :arrow: Old Street :arrow: London Bridge :arrow: Canary Wharf (on a North Greenwich terminator, ugh) :arrow: Canning Town

So I started at Ladbroke Grove with everyone else, and seeing people running to the westbound platform and a train arriving I deemed it prudent to follow. Checking the envelope, I saw that it was Hammersmith (D/P) people were after, so I went down to Hammersmith (D/P) still planning my route. At Goldhawk Road, I had an idea, so when we crossed the road to Hammersmith, I left the pack of people behind to jump aboard a westbound train to Acton Town - and yes, I was that person who went into Zone 3 on a vanilla round! Knowing I had about 10 minutes to get to South Acton, or 12 minutes to Acton Central, as I ran out of the station I saw a very welcome 70 to South Kensington, that'll save me some running thank you!! Hopped aboard as far as Acton Morrisons, then pegged it down Churchfield Road to arrive at Acton Central with 1 minute to spare...

... except I'd hit the gap between trains, so it was an 11 minute wait, not a 1 minute wait. Brilliant. Sat around at Acton Central, then boarded an absolutely rammed Overground train to Brondesbury. At Willesden Junction, I was joined by a bunch of other challengers and we headed onwards. Jumped off at Brondesbury, noted it was a 6 minute wait for the next train westbound (not enough time to get to Willesden Green and back), sprinted up to Kilburn, jumped on a train to Willesden Green. Knowing I'd probably have an 8 minute wait to try and get to Brondesbury Park - and then a run to Queen's Park (fun fun fun) - I realised I'd have an alright connection via Swiss Cottage/South Hampstead. Jumped on the train to Swiss Cottage, then had a lovely 8 minute stroll down to South Hampstead for the Overground to Queen's Park.

Over the bridge, just missed a Bakerloo but another one along in a minute, down to Edgware Road in a blissfully empty carriage, run to the other Edgware Road, jump on a waiting Circle, one stop to Baker Street, down the escalators at a crawl behind a slow walker, miss a Jubilee Line train but another along in a few seconds, down to Green Park, run to the Victoria Line, waiting train down to Stockwell. At Stockwell, I meet Rob, and we journey together to Elephant and Castle and then onto the Bakerloo to tick off Lambeth North. I ditch him at Waterloo, run over to the Northern Line...

...and then discover I've lost my Travelcard somewhere!! Damn. Luckily, I've got no out of station connections left and Canning Town is very near several stations without any barriers, so I press on. Up to Leicester Square, through the passage, just miss a Piccadilly but another along in a minute, up to Holborn. At Holborn, I reach the passageway above the Central Line and can't hear a train, so I slow to a walk down to the platform to find that actually, a train's sitting there, stuck in the platform for some reason - so I jump on at my exit door and we're off in a few moments. Over to Bank, run to the Northern Line to find the same issue but once I'm on we're away. Up to Old Street, fast doubleback and down to London Bridge, then over to the Jubilee Line to find the next train's only going as far as North Greenwich. A wait's an unwelcome surprise at this late stage, especially when I really, really need to top up and touch in somewhere, but can't change the facts, so I bail at Canary Wharf then jump on the next train to finish at Canning Town.

At Canning Town, I jump on the next DLR out, which is towards Beckton. Top up at Royal Victoria, consider going for a ride on the Dangleway for fun but decide I'm better off heading to the pub, so back through to Limehouse, Bank and TCR.
All London buses: 23 hours 25 minutes (with Adham, David, Josh and Tangy)
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Re: Random 15 Championship 2017/18: Round 4

Post by crypto » 25 Feb 2018, 20:50

You can't polish a turd, but considering that my route was a bit of a trainwreck (I had a perfect route concocted after about halfway through the challenge when I couldn't change anything), I'm happy to have a mid-table position.

The list of stations this time was interesting. Lots of variation in possible routes.

Ladbroke Grove :arrow: Westbourne Park :arrow: (run) Queen's Park :arrow: Edgware Rd B :arrow: (run) Edgware Rd CDH :arrow: Baker Street :arrow: Finchley Road :arrow: Willesden Green :arrow: Finchley Road :arrow: Baker Street :arrow: Bond Street :arrow: Holborn :arrow: Covent Garden :arrow: Holborn :arrow: Bank :arrow: Old Street :arrow: Moorgate :arrow: Aldgate :arrow: (run) Aldgate East :arrow: West Ham :arrow: Waterloo :arrow: Elephant & Castle :arrow: Stockwell :arrow: Green Park :arrow: Hammersmith

Aside from the 6 minute wait for the first train of the day, the first hour of my route couldn't have gone better. The Westbourne to Queen's Park run was train-to-train in ten minutes, as a southbound Bakerloo was pulling in as I arrived. All the changes up to Holborn were either train-pulling-in or running through open doors.

From there, not a whole lot of eventful things. As the first subsurface train from Moorgate was a Metropolitan, I opted to sprint over to Aldgate East where I caught what was probably the same train next on the board. The Waterloo J->B change is awful as always (though an open set of Bakerloo doors was very welcome). The last few minutes were spent trying to jockey for door position on a packed Piccadilly line train.

Obviously, half way round, I'd realised there were many issues. The met line from Finchley Road to Baker Street was probably a mistake. Note to self: don't double back a Piccadilly line if you can help it. Finally, the Jubilee Line may be fast, but Canning Town is still very far away

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Re: Random 15 Championship 2017/18: Round 4

Post by xcooler123 » 26 Feb 2018, 20:36

After last round's poor choices (still have nightmares about that run to Kensington Olympia), I was quite pleased with a round where I actually stuck to my route from the start!

Ladbroke Grove :arrow: Hammersmith (H&C) :arrow: Hammersmith (D&P) :arrow: Green Park :arrow: Willesden Green :arrow: Kilburn (run) :arrow: Queen's Park :arrow: Edgware Road (B) :arrow: Edgware Road (D, H&C) :arrow: KXSP :arrow: Bank :arrow: Holborn :arrow: Leicester Square :arrow: Embankment :arrow: Elephant & Castle :arrow: Stockwell :arrow: London Bridge :arrow: Canning Town

Points of note - this was the first time I ran Kilburn to Queen's Park (which is a nice run) and I almost completed the hat-trick of horrible station interchanges (did Bank & Green Park, considered Charing X but settled for Embankment instead). Apart from that I had a reasonably smooth, normal run.
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Re: Random 15 Championship 2017/18: Round 4

Post by michael_churchill » 26 Feb 2018, 21:55

You probably don't need to know my route, as I was second-last, but...
Circle to Hammersmith, Piccadilly to Holborn, Central to Bank, Northern to Old Street and back to Moorgate, H&C to West Ham, Jubilee to London Bridge, Northern to Stockwell and back to Elephant & Castle, Bakerloo to Baker Street, Circle to Paddington, Bakerloo to Queens Park, 316 Bus to Kilburn, Jubilee to Willesden Green.
First time I've used a bus on an R15.

Follow-ups to conversations heard and overheard in the pub...

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Andrew C... I nominate Shepherd's Bush as the most well-hidden Labyrinth.

Rob... I'm surprised I didn't bump into you at the Monaco E-Prix last year. This year I'm going to Rome, the weekend before Random 15 Round 5.

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Re: Random 15 Championship 2017/18: Round 4

Post by roblo97 » 26 Feb 2018, 22:55

Started at Ladbroke Grove via Pret a Mangier where I had an espresso. At the start, made my way to the southbound platform and only then decided to open the envelope and see what the stations were. It turns out that Hammersmith was on there so I planned my route out as I went down the line. Upon getting there, we all ran out the station only for quite a few of us to get unlucky with the timing of the traffic lights. I decided to go up the Piccadilly Line and head to KXSP via Covent Garden. Clive alighted at South Kensington(?) while I stayed on. At KXSP, I changed to the Northern Line to tick off Old Street and then made my way to Bank. From there, I changed to the Central Line to visit St. Paul's and then doubled back. It was at Bank where I found out I was on a train terminating at Liverpool Street of all places. I waited there for the next one to head up to Stratford where I ran for the Jubilee Line to visit Canning Town. I stayed on until London Bridge where I headed south in the Northern Line, as did Clive, until he realised he was going the wrong direction for his route. I then doubled back at Stockwell before bumping into Hugo and following him to the Bakerloo line. I stayed on until Baker Street where I changed to visit the CDH&C Edgware Road before running to the Bakerloo line station. I then stayed on until Willesden Junction and the ran to the high level platforms to get the Overground to Brondsbury. I ran to Kilburn and caught a Jubilee up to Willesden Green to finish in a time which shall be revealed soon.
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Re: Random 15 Championship 2017/18: Round 4

Post by alexmcmotor » 27 Feb 2018, 00:15

Not very much interesting to say for myself and my Dad's entry:

We knew from pre-planning that if anything South of Ladbroke Grove came up like say, Hammersmith, we would cover those first. So down to Hammersmith we went, which given the 6 minute wait others complain of for a Northbound, seemed to be the right call. We lose half of the Southbounders on the evil Hammersmith crossing, and are very confused when we see Hugo leaving Westbound (although I correctly guessed that he was heading for the Overground in Acton). We nearly made a big mistake at Barons Court by forgetting that the D&C through HSK isnt running at all and nearly don't change at Barons Court, but we do and find ourselves with Nick on the way back to Hammersmith. Across the road again we watch an H&C pull away and have to wait for the next one to leave to take us to Edgware Road (SS). Onto the surface and under the Westway to Edgware Road (B) we lose Nick in the race for the lifts, but he doesn't make a train up on us. Up the Bakerloo through Warwick Avenue At Queen's Park, we make exactly the same mistake as we did in the previous round and forget about that nifty little Queen's Park - Brondesbury Park run, which Nick took to allow him to get ahead of us properly. An unexpectedly late-running Watford DC train gets us up to Willesden Junction; we saw an Eastbound in the High-Level platforms as we pulled in, so we sprinted through the station only to find that it wasn't leaving for another 4 minutes. After running from Brondesbury we have an agonising 4 minute wait at Kilburn for a Jubilee to Willesden Green, where we run into Andrew Chilcraft, whom we would be chasing the back of for the rest of the day. Down the Jubilee to Finchley Road, the advertised 1 minute wait for a Met line turned into 3 minutes which was a little annoying. Along the Met through Baker Street, changing at King's Cross to the Northern line for the loop through Old Street to Bank, Westbound Central through St Paul'sto Holborn, Covent Garden falls in line, down the Northern line changing at Waterloo (where we then meet Tangy, Crypto and Peter) for the Bakerloo through Lambeth North, down to Stockwell only to U-turn back to London Bridge for our final train to Canning Town. From Stockwell to the end we were wondering whether those who we lost at Stockwell would beat us to Hammersmith, but they didn't and we came a very respectable joint 4th with Andrew Chilcraft. We were also especially pleased to find that our route was very similar to the winning route, albeit with faster ways of covering the North-West (which we would have struggled with because of our slow legs). All in all a good day, and looking forward to Round 5.
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Re: Random 15 Championship 2017/18: Round 4

Post by DrainBrain » 27 Feb 2018, 10:42

Ladbroke Grove :arrow: Hammersmith (H&C) :arrow: across t' t'other Hammersmith :arrow: Barons Court :arrow: back t' t'other Hammersmith (again) :arrow: across t' t'other t'other Hammersmith :arrow: Edgware Road (H&C) :arrow: run to Edgware Road (Bak) :arrow: via Warwick Avenue to Queen's Park :arrow: run to Willesden Green :arrow: via Kilburn and Baker Street to Green Park :arrow: Stockwell :arrow: Elephant & Castle :arrow: via Lambeth North to Piccadilly Circus :arrow: via Covent Garden to Holborn :arrow: via St. Paul's to Bank :arrow: Old Street :arrow: London Bridge :arrow: Canning Town

I arrived at the start with seconds to spare and there were so many of us competing I didn't have a station list. It didn't matter though. I got on a southbound train with several other challengers and copied from David's list (thank you).

Across the roads at Hammersmith, then I travelled with Alex and his dad for a quick Barons Court double-back, across the Hammersmith roads again and up to Edgware Road. Running across to the other Edgware Road, an annoying bus on the first slip road was blocking the view of traffic, but I got safely across. On the platform it was 2 minutes for a Queen's Park terminator and 6 for an H&W. This was actually lucky. My initial plan was to go to Willesden Junction and catch the Overground, but I got on the QP train and then remembered the run to Brondesbury Park. Ran/walked up the hill but it was 7 minutes until the next Overground train so I decided to run on to Willesden Green, arriving just in time to jump on the first carriage of a southbound Jubilee as the doors closed.

Carriage-hopped at Kilburn where I met Richard, but I carriage-hopped again at Finchley Road while Richard headed to the Met. More carriage-hopping for the right door position at Green Park then down the speedy Victoria line to Stockwell. Up to Elephant & Castle where a Bakerloo line train left as I was going down the stairs but it wasn't too long until the next one set off.

After this I don't think I waited more than a minute for any change at Piccadilly Circus, Holborn, Bank, Old Street (double-back) and London Bridge. A final Jubilee train took me to Canning Town to record my best R15 result ever!
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Re: Random 15 Championship 2017/18: Round 4

Post by tangy » 28 Feb 2018, 18:59

The results of round 4 of the 2017/18 Random 15 Championship held on Saturday 24th February 2018.

This was a normal round, so only Undergrpund stations in zones 1 and 2 were included (except those inaccessible due to engineering work). The stations that had to be visited were:

--Ladbroke Grove
--Edgware Road (Circle)
--Warwick Avenue
--St. Paul's
--Willesden Green
--Hammersmith (D&P)
--Canning Town
--Queen's Park
--Baker Street
--Lambeth North
--Old Street
--Covent Garden

There were 19 challengers in 16 teams.

16th: Richard Standing- 03:36:10 at Canning Town
15th: Michael Churchill- 03:28:57 at Willesden Green
14th: Richard Graham- 03:28:42 at Hammersmith D&P
13th: Kevin Brown- 03:13:33 at Canning Town
12th: Hugo Clague and Felix Andrew- 03:11:43 at Canning Town
11th: Andrew Baker and Mark- 03:10:53 at Hammersmith D&P
10th: Peter Smyth- 03:03:31 at Canning Town
=8th: James Ross- 03:00:36 at Hammersmith D&P
=8th: Tangy- 03:00:36 at Hammersmith D&P
7th: Rob Lomas- 02:57:15 at Willesden Green
6th: Clive Burgess- 02:55:50 at Willesden Green
=4th: Andrew Chilcraft- 02:53:34 at Canning Town
=4th: Alex & Simon Kneller- 02:53:34 at Canning Town
3rd: The Orange One- 02:51:36 at Canning Town
2nd: Nick Gardner- 02:38:47 at Canning Town
1st: David Edwards- 02:26:32 at Canning Town

Putting these results into the leaderboard gives the following:

1st: David Edwards (40 overall points) [4 rounds attended]
2nd: Andrew Chilcraft (32) [4]
3rd: Clive Burgess (28) [4]
4th: The Orange One (27) [4]
5th: Peter Smyth (25) [3]
=6th: Tangy (16) [4]
=6th: Nick Gardner (16) [4]
=8th: Alex Kneller (14) [4]
=8th: Simon Kneller (14) [4]
=10th: Richard Standing (13) [4]
=10th: Kevin Brown (13) [4]
12th: Andrew Baker (10) [3]
13th: Josh Nichols-Ageros (8) [1]
14th: James Ross (6) [4]
15th: Alisha Juszczyk (5) [1]
=16th: Rob Lomas (4) [3]
=16th: Rhys Benjamin (4) [2]
=18th: Myles Swaine-Grey (3) [1]
=18th: Glen Bryant (3) [1]
=18th: Damian Cook (3) [1]
=18th: Matthew Cook (3) [1]
22nd: Richard Graham (1) [2]
=23rd: Michael Churchill (0) [3]
=23rd: Rhys Jackson (0) [1]
=23rd: Hugo Clague (0) [1]
=23rd: Felix Andrew (0) [1]

Thank you all for participating. The next round is scheduled for Saturday 21st April 2018. It will be a twist round and will use a twist we have not done in a while...

Adjudicator of the Alternative Challenges and webmaster of the Tube Challenge "Top Times" website at www.explorerticket.co.uk/tubechallenge

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Re: Random 15 Championship 2017/18: Round 4

Post by tractakid » 01 Mar 2018, 11:25

I have to say I thought the pub atmosphere was brilliant on Saturday. I felt happy to be around so many great people 😊
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Re: Random 15 Championship 2017/18: Round 4

Post by RJSRdg » 01 Mar 2018, 19:43

Looks as if the 'damage' from Saturday wasn't as bad as I thought. Yes, I've dropped a few places but not that many, the mid-table's still quite tightly bunched and as I've had two non-scoring rounds, I won't lose any points when the lowest-scoring rounds are excluded.

Just a question though - if Alex and Simon continue to compete as a pair as they have done in all the rounds so far, will they count as a pair in the final table rather than being jointly placed?
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Re: Random 15 Championship 2017/18: Round 4

Post by Going Underground » 04 Mar 2018, 17:07

tractakid wrote:
01 Mar 2018, 11:25
I have to say I thought the pub atmosphere was brilliant on Saturday. I felt happy to be around so many great people 😊
Agreed 100% really great and high spirits (I was just relieved that the two weeks challenging was finally over :wink: )
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