Random 15 Championship 2017/18: Round 3

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Re: Random 15 Championship 2017/18: Round 3

Post by crypto » 21 Jan 2018, 21:49

Pretty much a complete disaster. Let's count the issues:

- Left Farringdon and realised I no longer had my travelcard. Blagged my way out of the ticket barriers at Liverpool St and bought another.
- In a now panicked state, I decided to go back to see if there was a H&C train to Stepney Green. There was not, so went back to the mainline platforms to see that I lost the others on the 12:45 that stopped at Cambridge Heath.
- I didn't realise Lewisham could be reached from Blackfriars, which could have been quite useful for route planning. Could have used the New Cross - Deptford Bridge run to come back from Lewisham.
- Forgot the bus link between North Acton and Willesden Jn
- Lots of massive waits
- The main one. Having ticked off Herne Hill with Lewisham to go, I had the choice of Victoria or Blackfriars. At 4h30, I'd given up trying to think, so took the first train to Blackfriars. Twenty four minute wait for the next Lewisham train.

Here's hoping I can recover in the next round, or possibly some winter olympics events.

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Re: Random 15 Championship 2017/18: Round 3

Post by The Orange One » 22 Jan 2018, 13:51

In comparison with last year, I'm not doing very well... here follows An Evisceration of my route.

Quick summary:
Farringdon :arrow: Liverpool Street :arrow: Hackney Downs (via Cambridge Heath) :arrow: Hackney Central :arrow: Dalston Kingsland :arrow: Dalston Junction :arrow: Whitechapel :arrow: Stepney Green :arrow: Whitechapel :arrow: New Cross (via Wapping) :arrow: Deptford Bridge (by 177 bus) :arrow: Lewisham :arrow: Denmark Hill :arrow: Herne Hill (by 68 bus) :arrow: Elephant and Castle :arrow: Charing Cross :arrow: Embankment :arrow: Earl's Court (via Victoria) :arrow: Fulham Broadway :arrow: Earl's Court :arrow: Green Park :arrow: Bond Street :arrow: White City (via Marble Arch) :arrow: Shepherd's Bush :arrow: Willesden Junction :arrow: Queen's Park :arrow: Brondesbury Park :arrow: Brondesbury

I was late to the start, so picked up an envelope and started my stopwatch 10 minutes and 5 seconds after everyone else. Heading down to the platform it was 3 minutes until an Aldgate train - meaning I arrived at Liverpool Street to get the train to Cambridge Heath 15 minutes after everyone else. I was therefore surprised to see Richie G on the train!! Went up to Hackney Downs where I ran down the link to Hackney Central; Richie followed at a more sedate pace. I ended up a train ahead of him at this point.

One stop to Dalston Kingsland, run across to Dalston Junction and then onto the East London Line down to Whitechapel. Running up to the District line platforms, who should I find but Team Rhys, Alex and Simon, and Richard Standing? It seemed as if I was slowly making up the time, so we went up to Stepney Green and back before boarding the ELL once again to tick off Wapping. Team Rhys left us at Canada Water to take the DLR down to Lewisham - I continued onwards with Alex, Simon and Richard to New Cross, where we got a 177 bus to Deptford Bridge (I say we - Alex and Simon missed the bus but caught us up later at Lewisham). 2 minutes wait for a DLR down to Lewisham where who should we find but Andrew Chilcraft and David Edwards!! Feeling incredibly optimistic, we went down to Lewisham to get our NR train out.

At Lewisham, we let a nonstop to Victoria go for the stopping service 4 minutes later; we took this to Denmark Hill. Running out of the station, Andrew, David and I made a 68 bus (after running up a very, very steep hill to the bus stop), leaving everyone else behind. We reached Herne Hill to see the Southeastern to Victoria pulling away, but not to worry, the Thameslink to Elephant and Castle wasn't far behind - and Tangy was waiting for it too! We jumped on the Thameslink and went up to E&C where we ran to the Bakerloo.

At this point, David made an earlier train because the rest of us sat on the one waiting in the platform like muppets instead of watching the other platform. The three of us went up to Charing Cross, back to Embankment and along to Earl's Court, where we were faced with a horrendous wait for a Wimbledon train - allowing David, who'd gone to get Marble Arch first, to catch us up with an extra station ticked off. Damn. Down to Fulham Broadway (leaving Tangy behind because he was insistent that his Wimbledon train on Platform 4 would get onto the branch before ours on Platform 3, despite the green signal). Tangy catches us up there anyway, then it was back up to West Brompton, where everyone else left me to jump on the WLL. That was my first mistake.

So back up to Earl's Court for me, on to Green Park, up to Bond Street and onto the Central Line as fast as I could. Quickly burning off the stops until White City, where I did a quick check for buses, saw no 220, then ran back down to the Central Line (this was my second mistake). Returned to Shepherd's Bush to find a 9 minute wait for the next Overground. Oh dear.

At this point, I just had to suck the wait up - knowing that David and Andrew were probably finishing, somewhere and somehow. Finally, the train turned up, then went slower than a snail up to Willesden. 20 minutes to move one stop!! Jumped on the Bakerloo down to Queen's Park, then half ran, half walked up the hill to Brondesbury Park for a 6 minute wait for an Overground to Brondesbury, certain I was finishing a long time after everyone else. (And I was right)

Quick note for Andrew C + David E - if you'd gone the faster way via New Cross instead of crawling down the DLR, RTT says you should have been able to make the 1353 to Victoria calling at Denmark Hill only! If I'd turned up on time I suspect this is where I'd have ended up (and thus 15 minutes up at Herne Hill) - but I can't know this for sure...
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Re: Random 15 Championship 2017/18: Round 3

Post by tufnellpark » 22 Jan 2018, 15:31

Well what a surprise. I posted the only sub 4 hour route for a tricky selection of stations. No major disasters on the day and I'm always happy to have completed without going wrong or falling over. So winning was a bonus, which was probably all down to my skill (or luck) in catching the two Southeastern trains to Herne Hill and Lewisham without much of a wait.

I followed many others on to the eastbound platform at Farringdon to Liverpool Street, where we boarded the 12:45 train to Hackney Interchange for the North London Line. Some ran between the Hackneys but those of us who had bothered to check the train times had a relaxed stroll. At Dalston Kingsland everyone left the train. That always happens. I start with many people and then within half an hour I'm on my own for the rest of the day. Only this time Nick stayed with me part of the way for company.

We did the Brondesbury Park to Queens Park downhill run, realising that everybody else would be struggling uphill later. At Oxford Circus we parted. I reversed at Charing Cross, ticked off the Central line stations but missed my planned West Brompton train by a couple of minutes. Normally I'd have just gone on to Notting Hill and changed there but the Wimbleware was out, so I waited out of the rain at Shepherds Bush.

At Fulham Broadway I checked Victoria-Herne Hill or Lewisham train times. Herne Hill was tight but I made it with a minute to spare and then doubled my luck after a bus ride up to Denmark Hill. I thought I'd missed my Lewisham train but saw it entering the station just as I arrived. I only had to push a few people out of the way on the stairs to make it. From Lewisham, it was straight on to a waiting DLR train, Jubilee Line to Canada Water, Whitechapel and Stepney Green to finish. I enjoyed the challenging route as did everyone else seemingly. Roll on Round 4.
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Re: Random 15 Championship 2017/18: Round 3

Post by tangy » 22 Jan 2018, 19:02

Upon opening the envelope at Farringdon, I noted Liverpool Street (NR) and Cambridge Heath. Knowing there was a 12:45 linking the two, this was my (and many others) opening move.

Waiting for departure at Liverpool Street, I was thinking how to fit in both Dalston Kingsland and Stepney Green in without a long double back. I finally settled on bailing at Cambridge Heath and part running, part bus to Stepney Green. Just missed a District but there was "Circle Line via Tower Hill and Embankment" one minute behind!

Down to the ELL at Whitechapel, next train was to Crystal Palace so stayed on to New Cross Gate to transfer to Lewisham. Came out of the station only to see a 136 bus just departing but managed to outrun it to the next stop. Arrived at Lewisham with a good stopwatch time.

However this is where I lost a chunk of time. I arrived about 10 minutes before the 1338 stopper to Victoria via Denmark Hill. The train arrived on time but due to a freight train awaiting authority to enter the engineering possession, blocking the whole of Lewisham junction in the process. Ultimately this meant nothing could go nowhere until the freight train entered the possession. The 1338 finally got the signal at 1353 after faster non stop trains also delayed by this were let in front!!!

Alighted at Denmark Hill, saw a 468 bus fly past just as I was at the junction, so about 5 minutes for a 68, which promptly stopped at every damn stop! Got to Herne Hill, missed a Thameslink by just 2 minutes (so 13 minutes for the next) by this time a few other Tube challengers caught up, who tried and failed to catch the 1425 to Victoria.

We stayed as a group to board the Thameslink train to Elephant then ran through the shopping centre to the Bakerloo line (me trying to do this whilst clutching a takeaway tea bought from the buffet at Herne Hill)! A 5 minute departure from Elephant to go up to Charing Cross. I then doubled back to Embankment and across to Earl's Court for a long 7 minute wait for a Wimbledon train, only for two to arrive at once!

Down to Fulham Broadway and back up to West Brompton for an 11 minute wait for a two stop hop on the West London line to Shepherds Bush. Ran across to the Central Line, just making a westbound train despite loosing my grip on the stairs and almost fell flat on my face! White City next ran round for an eastbound train from the centre road to Marble Arch. Re-trace my steps to Lancaster Gate and ran to Paddington (Praed Street).

Bakerloo to Queen's Park, left the station and started to run to Brondesbury Park only to find a nicely timed 206 bus just about to turn the corner. Thank you! Didn't help though, arrived bang in the middle of two trains for the final trundle round the NLL to finish at Dalston Kingsland.
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Re: Random 15 Championship 2017/18: Round 3

Post by roblo97 » 22 Jan 2018, 19:48

The day started off well when I managed to get off at Queens Road Peckham rather than Peckham Rye on the way to The Kentish Drovers. I then missed the bus I wanted to catch by a minute thanaks to not knowing where the bus stop was.

At the start of the R15 itself, I pulled out my London Connections map and realised I had no pen to mark out the stations. Still, I followed everyone to Liverpool Street as we made our way to the National Rail portion of the station. We got on the Overground to Hackney Downs and then took the walkway to Hackney Central. After that came another Overground service to Dalston Kingsland where Andrew C, David and I made a break and caught the next Overground train to the old ELL. They alighted at Whitechapel IIRC and I stayed on to Canada Water before changing to the Jubilee.
From Canada Water, I went west to Waterloo and had an average transfer to the Bakerloo Line to go up to Charring Cross and then doubling back to go to Elephant & Castle. I exited the station and after finding my bearings, waited in the rain at the traffic lights. In the process of waiting I saw a Thameslink train leaving and thought that it may have been the one I wanted. After running through the shopping centre, I found out that it was the one I wanted. Cue a 13 minute wait for the next one.

Eventually, the Herne Hill train arrived and when I got there, I had a wait of 4 minutes for a Blackfriars bound train. I caught that and then changed to the Circle/District lines upon arriving. I caught a District Line train to Earls Court, only for it to change with no warning to a Circle line service to HSK somewhere around South Kensington. I got off at Gloucester Road and had a 5 mins wait for a Wimbledon bound train. Having doubled back at Fulham Broadway, Team Rhys arrived and we got the next Northbound service to West Brompton only to be faced with a 12 minute wait.

We all eventually got the Overground to Shepheard’s Bush to run to the Central Line and catch a westbound train to White City. We all then doubled back to Central London. They got off at Bond Street and I stayed on to Oxford Circus. I changed to the Bakerloo line to visit Queens Park and onto Willesden Junction. I ran to the North London Line and made an Overground service to West Hampstead to cover off Brondesbury. It was a nice run to the Jubilee line where I saw Richard, Alex and Simon just getting off a train. I also just missed a train by a matter of seconds as well and had a 2 minute wait for the next one.

I then headed to Bond Street to change to the Central Line. From there, I went to Mile End to change to the District for a 3 minute wait and a train to Stepney Green. I then doubled back and headed for Bow Road for a nice run to Bow Church to get a Canary Wharf bound DLR. I had a nice cross platform change there for a Lewisham bound train. I changed to the NR at Lewisham and bumped into James at the station. We both got to Blackfriars with him having already finished at Lewisham and I stopped the stopwatch with a time of 5:36:58.61.

In the pub, I had dinner and played darts with the new set I bought a couple of days earlier and that went well. I managed to hit a bullseye. I also saw by card get rejected by the card machine which led to me having to run Sainsburys to get some money and some desert which was meant for the train back! All in all, it was an awesome day and I can’t wait for the Biathlon in February!!
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Re: Random 15 Championship 2017/18: Round 3

Post by xcooler123 » 22 Jan 2018, 21:10

My day had everything in it - a very challenging set of stations, some good runs, some bad runs and some really ugly runs, good decisions, bad decisions, awesome changes, terrible changes, a decent finish and a much needed pint at the pub.

My route was very similar to tractakid's apart from 2 sections. The first was from Elephant & Castle - me, TOO, tangy and tractakid of us arrived there to find a train in the platform which would leave in 5 mins and nothing in the other with the board saying 8 mins. So everyone go on the train that was sat there - apart from me. Restless, I went to have another look at the other platform to find a train pulling in and the board now stating 1 min - confused I waited for a bit longer and noticed the signal halfway down the platform had changed to green. So I duly jumped on the train and left the others behind. What followed was a series of remarkable changes which led me to covering off Marble Arch and heading back down to Victoria for the District line. When I arrived at Earl's Court I had caught the others up. The second section was when I left Shepherd's Bush, I headed to North Acton to catch a 266 to Willesden Junction. 10 mins passed by before one turned up and proceeded to Willesden Junction at a snails pace. No matter though as the next train south was delayed :( Got to Queen's Park where I started running to Brondesbury Park, only to find a 206 and Tangy :) Boarded the next LO to Stratford with him and finished at Brondesbury.

Now for the small shocker. Getting the wrong bus stop may not sound like a big deal but when it involves running up more of Denmark Hill... (yeah, it lives up to its name). Note to self, never do that again

Talking of things never to do again, West Brompton. No not the station, the decision I made there. Me, tangy and tractakid arrived to be greeted with an 11 minute wait for the next LO train north. I thought sod this and went in search of a C1... to only just miss is. So I carried on running... and running... and running... and 2 km later I find myself at Kensington Olympia, on the same train I could have just waited for at West Brompton!! Whilst I lost no time, I did lose what little energy I had left :( As A2 said, you know it's a bad decision when an 11 mins wait was a good decision......
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Re: Random 15 Championship 2017/18: Round 3

Post by alexmcmotor » 23 Jan 2018, 00:13

Well, we were pleasantly surprised to hear from Hugo the following day that we had come 6th.

Starting off the same as everyone else on the 12:45 from Liverpool St, Hackney change and then alight at Dalston Kingsland for the hop along the street to Dalston Junction, the first of many times we get left behind by everyone else. We catch up with Richard Standing (another thing we did a lot!) on the platform and leave D.Jn. one train behind the majority, but one ahead of Team Rhys. An agonisingly long wait at Whitechapel for the District to Stepney Green allows Team Rhys to catch us up as well as Hugo. Luckily we still make the next New Cross train out of Whitechapel, on which Hugo generously informs us that there is in fact no National Rail out of New Cross, and that DLR via Deptford Bridge is a sensible solution. We lose them at street level, only to catch up again at Lewisham. Once again left behind at Denmark Hill (after a few minutes of being very confused by bus stops) we once again find Richard Standing at Herne Hill. We once again lose him at E&C only to catch up to him again at Embankment. We stay together all the way through Fulham Broadway, West Brompton, Shepherd's Bush, White City, Marble Arch through to Bond Street, West Hampstead and onto the Westbound Overground, where he finally got the jump on us with the help of the Brondesbury Park - Queen's Park run, leaving us trailing via Willesden Junction.
We obviously had a strong route; a few inches off our waistbands and we definitely could have been up there fighting the top positions assuming we kept pace with David + co on the Dalston run and then get the jump on them trying to get to Lewisham. But there's no sense in speculation.

Hopefully see you all at Round 4.
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Re: Random 15 Championship 2017/18: Round 3

Post by Going Underground » 23 Jan 2018, 10:57

xcooler123 wrote:
22 Jan 2018, 21:10
My day had everything in it - a very challenging set of stations, some good runs, some bad runs and some really ugly runs, good decisions, bad decisions, awesome changes, terrible changes, and a much needed pint at the pub.
Echo all of this David :shock: (Aside the decent finish = 14 1/2 mins @ West Brompton :( )
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Re: Random 15 Championship 2017/18: Round 3

Post by michael_churchill » 23 Jan 2018, 11:26

My on-going ineptitude at Random 15 seems to come mainly from my lack of local knowledge. In most cases, I simply don't know alternative runs or buses to get between stations. I'm probably aware of the possibility of getting hopelessly lost, and generally stick to what I know. In this instance, it appears I missed out on getting between the two Dalstons, between the Hills (Denmark and Herne) and cutting the corner of the Willesden Junction interchange. Indeed, now that I check, I didn't make a single out-of-station change that isn't marked on the map.

Also, by bad luck or bad planning, I suffered five waits of 10 minutes or more.

My route was...
Metropolitan to Liverpool Street, Overground to Hackney Downs, Walk to Hackney Central, Overground to Canonbury, Overground to Wapping, Overground to Whitechapel, District to Bow Road, Walk to Bow Church, DLR to Lewisham (changing at Canary Wharf), 22 minute wait for Southeastern to Peckham Rye, Southern to Tulse Hill, 16 minute wait for Thameslink to Herne Hill, 10 minute wait for Southeastern to Victoria, District to Earls Court, 10 minute wait for District to Fulham Broadway, District to West Brompton, 13 minute wait for Overground to Shepherds Bush, Central to White City, Central to Oxford Circus, Bakerloo to Charing Cross, Bakerloo to Queen's Park, Overground to Willesden Junction, Overground to Brondesbury.

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Re: Random 15 Championship 2017/18: Round 3

Post by tractakid » 25 Jan 2018, 13:31

It's not necessarily about having the knowledge, but being able to do research on-the-fly. A phone with internet access helps a lot!
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Re: Random 15 Championship 2017/18: Round 3

Post by hopeful traveller » 25 Jan 2018, 14:10

It was very nice to see Jacko :P again after all these years and so I enjoyed the day, if perhaps not the challenge itself. I’d never heard of several of the stations, so whilst everyone boarded the train further down at Farringdon, Rhys and I found a quiet spot in order to have a think. By the time we’d worked it out and looked up the National Rail times (all you need is a phone with an internet connection!) it seemed as though everything was going ship-shape. You always wonder when everyone else will abandon you, and for us this took place at the Dalstons. We simply didn’t realise how close together the two stations are, and instead changed at Canonbury. It wasn’t helped by debating whether to get a bus to Stepney Green from Dalston Kingsland, but the timetables quickly put that one on the back burner.

I bought a can of Red Bull at Canonbury (this will become relevant later on). And as we caught up to Hugo and Simon and Alex (see! I remembered this time!) at Whitechapel, I have to say I don’t regret running the Dalstons, as I severely doubt I could have done 400m plus exit and entrance in 1 minute and been on the train everyone else was (Rhys J could well have made that); we would have ended up on the same train as Alex/Simon and Hugo anyway.

The service board (well, the online version) for Stepney Green when we were at Whitechapel was 2, 3, 4, and 15 minutes (thanks District!) so we were all very relieved at not having to wait intermenably at Stepney Green, rather getting a bollocking from the PA for running, not that that bothered us. Down the ELL to Canada Water (again, we didn’t know about the New Cross - Deptford Bridge - Greenwich route), and my slow pace cost us a few minutes here, as Rhys would easily have made the 0-minute Jubilee line but I didn’t. Thanks to PEDs, we couldn’t hold, so we were able to get the one after that.

Now... having been in the area two days prior on personal business, rather drunkenly I had misremembered Canary Wharf and mentally mapped the whole station backwards by mistake, so we got out of the wrong end of the station altogether. A sprint through Jubilee park (with me barking directions at Rhys from 100 metres behind) and then up the stairs at Heron Quays and my heart almost died! I regretted the can of Red Bull as it pounded through my chest. The sound was audible.

Sliding down the DLR to Lewisham, we slowly walked over to the NR as we had no chance of making a -4 minute change (we were hoping for Peckham Rye -> Tolse Hill (Southern) -> Elephant & Castle (TL)) but a brainwave on my part then ensued as a Blackfriars train pulled in and I ordered Rhys to jump on it and then to crawl along the District line. Although the train was very slow, the plan worked... ish.

At Earl’s Court, we saw Rob on the other platform. Both our Wimbledon trains had green signals, so it was a guessing game. We departed together - and Rob’s train pulled ahead! Gah! Thankfully this didn’t cost us when we got to Fulham Broadway. We got back to West Brompton and we saw a 12-minute wait for the LOROL. Bollocks. Rhys went for a drink, I played mind games with Rob (he’s not done Lewisham!? Hallelujah!), I briefly considered jumping back on the District but then realised the Wimbleware was out. If the H&C hadn’t have been out I would have got on a 74 bus and run from Bothwell(?) Street to Hammersmith. As it was, we all sucked up 12 minutes for the Overground. In and out of Shepherd’s Bush and White City, then we crawled back along the Central to Bond Street, said goodbye to Rob, and moved up the Jubilee, changing at West Hampstead, an easily walkable connection but we chose to jog to avoid fatigue or something.

I was desperate to do Willesden Junction to Bakerloo rather than the other way round as I never have good changes the other way round. Thankfully it worked out very well, and so we rode practically the whole length of the Bakerloo to E&C, where we walked over for a TL train to Herne Hill in a miserably slow time.
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Re: Random 15 Championship 2017/18: Round 3

Post by tangy » 25 Jan 2018, 22:23

The results of round 3 of the 2017/18 Random 15 Championship held on Saturday 20th January 2018.

The stations that were to be visited:
--Farringdon (meet up)
--Marble Arch
--Fulham Broadway
--White City
--Liverpool Street (NR)
--Cambridge Heath
--Victoria (LU)
--Herne Hill
--Lewisham (NR)
--Charing Cross (LU)
--Dalston Kingsland
--Stepney Green
--Queen's Park (London)

17 challengers competed who split into 14 teams:

14th: Rob Lomas- 05:36:58 at Blackfriars
13th: Michael Churchill- 05:11:51 at Brondesbury
12th: James Ross- 05:11:07 at Lewisham
11th: Rhys Benjamin and Rhys Jackson- 04:39:34 at Herne Hill
10th: Richard Graham- 04:34:49 at Charing Cross
9th: Kevin Brown and Andrew Baker- 04:31:27 at Marble Arch
8th: Tangy- 04:25:44 at Dlston Kingsland
7th: Nick Gardner- 04:25:11 at Stepney Green
6th: Alex & Simon Kneller- 04:14:15 at Queen's Park
5th: The Orange One- 04:12:17 at Brondesbury
4th: Richard Standing- 04:10:50 at Kilburn Park
3rd: David Edwards- 04:02:32 at Brondesbury
2nd: Andrew Chilcraft- 04:00:32 at Queen's Park
1st: Clive Burgess- 03:56:10 at Stepney Green

So putting these results into the leaderboard, gives the following:

1st: David Edwards (28 overall points) [3 rounds attended]
2nd: Andrew Chilcraft (25) [3]
3rd: Peter Smyth (24) [2]
4th: Clive Burgess (23) [3]
5th: The Orange One (19) [3]
=6th: Richard Standing (13) [3]
=6th: Tangy (13) [3]
=6th: Kevin Brown (13) [3]
9th: Andrew Baker (10) [2]
10th: Josh Nichols-Ageros (8) [1]
=11th: Alex Kneller (7) [3]
=11th: Simon Kneller (7) [3]
13th: Nick Gardner (6) [3]
14th: Alisha Juszczyk (5) [1]
15th: Rhys Benjamin (4) [2]
=16th: James Ross (3) [3]
=16th: Myles Swaine-Grey (3) [1]
=16th: Glen Bryant (3) [1]
=16th: Damian Cook (3) [1]
=16th: Matthew Cook (3) [1]
21st: Richard Graham (1) [1]
=22nd: Rhys Jackson (0) [1]
=22nd: Michael Churchill (0) [2]
=22nd: Rob Lomas (0) [2]

Thank you all for attending. The next round is scheduled for Saturday 24th February 2018 as part of Tube Olympics.

the BERC
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