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London Overground Challenge

Posted: 18 Nov 2017, 09:45
by tufnellpark
Thursday 16th November at 06:18:10, myself and David (xcooler123) set off on our first Overground challenge. We were going Orange (no not that one)for the day.

A few delays but all went well, except David lost his wallet on the Lea Valley section. Fortunately someone found it and called him just a few minutes after he realised he had lost it. So he went back to claim his wallet. Being the chivalrous type, I left him to it and continued the challenge alone.

So my final time was 10:05:05, which I think is a new record. Fortunately the GOBLIN is closed until January 2018, so the record is mine for at least two months!

Re: London Overground Challenge

Posted: 28 Jan 2018, 19:36
by tufnellpark
We had to try the London Overground Challenge again, after being forced to partly abandon our attempt in November, which only Clive completed. If we could avoid delays and losing wallets, we knew a sub 10 hour time was possible. We needed the trains to be reliable and the runs to be clinical. And thankfully that is how the day turned out.

On Friday 19th January, just days after the GOBLIN reopened we set off and everything went smoothly and to plan. Clive Burgess and David Edwards set a new WR of 09:07:35. Can you beat it?