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Message from Josh

Post by J.Nichols-Ageros » 23 Jul 2016, 15:03

Hi everyone.

You may have noticed i've mostly been absent recently, and thats because its been a tough time. A lot has happened and I haven't been feeling well for a long time. However. I am coming back to the world of tube challenging next month.

You may have also noticed my name change, to a double barrelled surname. That will become my name in due course, but I have already started using it elsewhere (just not on legal documents).

My new username is: J.Nichols-Ageros (the previous JBA is now invalid).

Oliver Levine who now runs the TrackTravellers team (previously RailRiders) is also joining the forum and will be O.Levine. He has brought with him many new tube challengers.... opening up new opportunities... and potentially stolen records... :D :D :D

See you all soon, Ollie will also be running an event or too which he might invite you all too, so keep your eyes peeled for potential challenges.

Many thanks,

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Re: Message from Josh

Post by Tube Geek » 23 Jul 2016, 16:28

About the change to TrackTravellers - is your website URL changing too? As I tried to get on the other day, but didn't work, so thought it must have changed along with the name. Be nice to see another TTer on the forum, though
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