Closure of East London Line

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Closure of East London Line

Post by jonny » 21 Aug 2005, 22:01

How will this affect the all lines challenge?
Reading and it seems that the DLR is needed -- but without the station at shadwell this could cause problems. With my (limited) knowledge I will attempt to analyse the situation. It firstly depends on whether you are allowed to use public transport if it isn't part of the network (this would mean that you could still use the Bank/TG -> Shadwell -> CW/Wchpl connection) -- secondly, are you allowed to use each line more than once (this would mean that doing Bank -> Shadwell -> TG would be acceptable, although surely using 2 trains would count as using the line twice)?
Alternatives would be Bank/TG -> Canary Wharf, or Bank/TG -> Canning Town which would use a lot of time a) getting out there on the DLR, and b) getting back in on Jub/Dis/H+C.
Looking at it from the other 'direction' you could save time because if you just miss an ELL train you can often wait a very long time before another comes, when a good connection at Canary Wharf could actually get you a quicker time.

That probably doesn't make much sense to you and there are almost certainly a few other points that I don't know about.
What are the rest of your thoughts on this?

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