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Post by tubeguru » 01 Feb 2005, 20:31

The Rules of the Forum

Last Updated: 21st of November, 2005

The following lighthearted rules should make it easy for us all to get along. If you disagree with these rules then this forum isn't the place for you.

1. Be nice to each other. Sounds simple and it is. No flaming, abuse, racism, sexism or any other antisocial behaviour on the forum. Offenders will be politely warned in the first instance and rudely ejected in the second. Your choice.

2. Please don't take up server space by uploading huge pictures. In any case, pictures should have no reason to exceed 480x360 pixels so please shrink them to no larger than this size first. Large pictures mean slow servers and grumpy admin :-)

3. Only ONE account per person. This is a standard forum rule and it applies here too. Anyone found in possession of two accounts will have at least one of them deleted.

4. You may swear if you wish (but it's not generally considered intelligent) as swear words are censored. Rude words will be replaced by a suitable replacement in quotes. The forum will be regularly scoured for rude words and derivatives thereof so don't get smug if you manage to slip one in without any censoring taking place :-)

Update: The word censor was removed on the 21st of November, 2005. Play nicely now ...

5. Please try to type full English sentences. Nothing is more irritating than seeing TXT speak all over forums. Persistent offenders will be beaten to within an inch of their lives. Well-known acronyms such as IMHO, IIRC and LOL are allowed but keep it sensible folks.

6. Keep discussions ON TOPIC. It's all too easy, I know, to go off on a tangent about your best friend's aunt's son's XBox but there's a high probability no one else cares. Off topic subjects can be addressed in the Off Topic Forum.

7. Please make use of the Search facility (at the top of your screen) before posting a thread as you may find there is already a thread containing the subject matter. Duplicate threads will be deleted if there is no good reason for them to exist.

8. No spam, adverts, links to NON-RELEVANT sites or any other such nonsense UNLESS it is posted in the Off Topic Chat forum. Non-relevant is taken to mean anything not remotely connected with the subject matter of this forum (such as XBoxes). Update - this extends to the posting of links that contain advertising within them.

9. Graphical signatures are banned. They are messy, unsightly and take up bandwidth. Text signatures only please.

10. No offensive usernames please. Offensive usernames will be deleted.

That's all for now. We're all sensible people (aren't we?) so enjoy!


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