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Post by tubeguru » 20 Nov 2009, 07:22

Just recently a lot of people have found that their accounts have been de-activated when they make certain changes, usually a change of email address. This is "normal" forum behaviour and only happens because I have the forum set to "admin activation" for new accounts. If I turn that feature off then no re-activation is required when making such changes.

If you find your account has been disabled and you're reading this as a guest then please send me an email to lazza747 at hotmail dot com and I'll reactivate it for you.

At some point I may switch activation to "user-activate" which will hopefully not result in a tidal wave of spammers signing up, although Chris (moley) did add a couple of extra sign-up tasks involving drop-down boxes to help thwart robot spammers joining, so switching to user-activation may not be the free-for-all I anticipate.

If any of your friends find their accounts de-activated and they haven't been arsed to read this and they complain to you about it, just get them to email me or ask me yourself and I'll sort it out for them.

Carry on.
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