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Post by tubeguru » 08 Mar 2009, 19:54

Since the forum software was upgraded it's been slightly more difficult and time-consuming to distinguish between genuine registrations and those from spammers. This is because on the old software users could enter information about themselves when registering. Spammers would invariably give themselves away by entering the name of the product they were trying to sell or by listing "internet" or "sex" as their interests. Genuine applicants would enter "the tube" or "trains" etc.

The new system does not ask for this stuff so the only indicators of a spammer are the username, email address and the result of a WHOIS query on the IP address (there have been a lot of Russians just recently). Unless I keep on top of the new registrations every day, they tend to build up which makes me feel less inclined to check through a load of potential accounts one by one. As a result a couple of genuine registration attempts have been deleted in the last couple of weeks and I've only found out about their authenticity because the person in question emailed the forum admin email address to ask why they had not received a confirmation email saying that their account had been activated.

Therefore, if you are reading this as a guest intent on registering on the forum and you find that you are not receiving the email confirming that your account has been created, could you please email the forum admin and I will be able to find you in the list of rubbish that we get every day. It's nothing personal - all genuine regitrations will be activated so long as I can see that they are genuine.

Thanks for your patience.
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