Where Am I rules (such as they are)

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Where Am I rules (such as they are)

Post by tubeguru » 05 Jan 2010, 22:24

OK, this thread contains the rules for the Where Am I quizzes, but they are likely to change as we argue about things such as lying and points scoring.

1 - Someone thinks of a station on the tube map. To make it more interesting I think we should use the current Oyster Rail Services map (http://www.tfl.gov.uk/assets/downloads/ ... es-map.pdf) as it is the closest thing we now have to the withdrawn London Connections map, and gives more possibilities. It also shows the zones, unlike the current standard map. You may choose to hide at ANY of the stations shown on this map EXCEPT for stations which are not represented by tick marks or interchange symbols (so you can't choose Sevenoaks or Staines).

2 - People then take turns to ask yes/no questions in an attempt to narrow down the possibilities

3 - There are 20 questions per quiz. Questions can ONLY be answered by "yes" or "no". The hider should answer the question as logically as possible unless the question is too ambiguous to answer properly. In such cases the hider may ask the questioner to ask a different question or shut the hell up (your choice).

4. You may use a question to guess where the hider is hiding at any time but if you are wrong it will count as one of the 20 questions. If no one has correctly guessed up to and including the 20th question then the game is over and you have all lost the game

5 - You may ask a maximum of TWO questions in a row. You must then wait for someone else to ask a question before ask a third. You may ask a question before the hider has answered a previous question (including one of your own) but you'll then have more information to deal with as the backlog is answered. It's usually best to wait for an answer to each question because unless you know the answer of a previous question you may waste a move by asking something completely irrelevant.

(6 - The person hiding may elect to LIE in answer to ONE of the 20 questions put to them. On the other hand they may choose not to lie at all if they wish)

7 - The person correctly guessing the station wins an arbitrary prize and can choose the next station (I may start a score table for this if it picks up again)

8 - Each new round that is played contains one fewer guess than the game before. So if the first game has 20 guesses, the next has 19 and so on. We're not sure how low this goes before it becomes impossible but I reckon 12 is the limit for a sensible game.

A quick note about directional questions. All geographical questions should be asked in relation to the orientation of the map and not to real life. So if you are at Hendon Central (northern line) and I ask "are you north of Hendon (Thameslink)?" the answer is "yes". If I ask "are you north of Highgate the answer is also "yes" as it is just above AS SEEN ON THE MAP. If the two stations in question are level in relation to the question then the answer would be "no".

Hopefully that covers everything as I've understood it so far. If anyone objects to any of the above then start an argument about it in other threads as we go on!
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