Random 15?

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Re: Random 15?

Post by jamesthegill » 18 May 2008, 11:54

Count me and two others in.
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Re: Random 15?

Post by Root » 18 May 2008, 18:07

An 1830 meet for a 1900 start is fine by me, although as I said, I can't say for certain that I'll be attending yet. I should know by the start of the relevant week.
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Re: Random 15?

Post by Going Underground » 23 May 2008, 13:48

The sealed envelope has arrived from Sweden :D

Expect an announcement soon/over the weekend...... 8)
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Re: Random 15?

Post by tpfkar » 25 May 2008, 17:40

Hi - only just seen this as I've been away for a while. Too busy with real life and everything to make it down I'm afraid. I'd gladly have generated some stations for you but I see the Swedish postal system has already been used. Good luck everyone and hope to see some slick results.