F1 Side Competition RESULTS

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F1 Side Competition RESULTS

Post by tubeguru » 25 Nov 2013, 13:02

OK, so we managed to sit through another season of Red Bull domination. Hopefully it will be the last. So without further ado, here's how we all did in the predictions:

1. How many different teams will win races?

The Raven: Four (one point)
Hopeless Traveller: Six
Palkanetoijala31: Four (one point)
Root: Five
Tubeguru: Five
Greatkingrat: Five
Moley: Six

I'd be interested to know which team other than McLaren Moley had in mind when he said "six". Surely he meant one of them to be McLaren, unless he meant Caterham and Marussia.

2. Who will be the first person to retire from the Australian Grand Prix after the lights go out? (DSQs will not count)

The Raven: Romain Grosjean
Hopeless Traveller: Giedo van der Garde
Palkanetoijala31: Kimi Raikkonen
Root: Nico Rosberg
Tubeguru: Jules Bianchi
Greatkingrat: Charles Pic
Moley: Romain Grosjean

No points scored for this category, as it was Maldonaldo who went first.

3. Who will be the last person to retire from the Brazilian Grand Prix before the flag drops? (DSQs will not count)

The Raven: Paul di Resta
Hopeless Traveller: Valterri Bottas
Palkanetoijala31: Lewis Hamilton
Root: Daniel Ricciardo
Tubeguru: Lewis Hamilton
Greatkingrat: Charles Pic (one point)
Moley: Romain Grosjean

Had Pic not retired, HT would have scored for Bottas who was the retirement before him.

4. Which driver will get the most pole positions?

The Raven: Sebastian Vettel (one point)
Hopeless Traveller: Sebastian Vettel (one point)
Palkanetoijala31: Sebastian Vettel (one point)
Root: Sebastian Vettel (one point)
Tubeguru: Sebastian Vettel (one point)
Greatkingrat: Sebastian Vettel (one point)
Moley: Sebastian Vettel (one point)

One point all round - not surprising.

5. Which driver will retire from the most races? (DSQs will not count)

The Raven: Romain Grosjean
Hopeless Traveller: Max Chilton
Palkanetoijala31: Max Chilton
Root: Pastor Maldonaldo
Tubeguru: Giedo van der Garde
Greatkingrat: Charles Pic
Moley: Giedo van der Garde

No points here either. Chilton spanked you all by finishing ALL of the races, so you should be given minus points for this. Jean-Eric Vergne takes this one with five retirements from 19 races.

6. How many times will Kimi Raikkonen finish on the podium?

The Raven: Eight (one point)
Hopeless Traveller: Nine
Palkanetoijala31: Five
Root: Eight (one point)
Tubeguru: Seven
Greatkingrat: Three
Moley: Six


7. What will Lewis Hamilton’s best race result be?

The Raven: First (one point)
Hopeless Traveller: First (one point)
Palkanetoijala31: Second
Root: First (one point)
Tubeguru: First (one point)
Greatkingrat: First (one point)
Moley: First (one point)

It seems Andi had little faith in Hamilton (or Mercedes?)

8. Will Felipe Massa get a contract extension at Ferrari for 2014?

The Raven: Yes
Hopeless Traveller: No (one point)
Palkanetoijala31: Yes
Root: No (one point)
Tubeguru: No (one point)
Greatkingrat: No (one point)
Moley: Yes

The reason I asked this one in the first place was because it was obvious that this was a make-or-break season for Phil. Plus, noises were already being made about Vettel's Ferrari option for 2014, and Raikkonen's dissatisfaction at Lotus was already surfacing.

9. Who will be the first driver to be replaced or substituted for a race for any reason?

The Raven: Charles Pic
Hopeless Traveller: Jules Bianchi
Palkanetoijala31: No one
Root: Giedo van der Garde
Tubeguru: Esteban Guttierez
Greatkingrat: Charles Pic
Moley: Esteban Guttierez

No one saw Raikkonen "winning" this one, but I doubt anyone could have predicted that he would be the first to disappear. Had he not gone, then Andi would won with "none".

10. Will Sergio Perez win a grand prix?

The Raven: Yes
Hopeless Traveller: Yes
Palkanetoijala31: No (one point)
Root: No (one point)
Tubeguru: No (one point)
Greatkingrat: No (one point)
Moley: Yes

No wins, and not even a podium for McLaren - their first season without one since 1980. Ron Dennis will not be amused.

11. Which driver will receive the most penalties for driving infringements?

The Raven: Lewis Hamilton
Hopeless Traveller: Pastor Maldonaldo
Palkanetoijala31: Romain Grosjean
Root: Max Chilton
Tubeguru: Pastor Maldonaldo
Greatkingrat: Charles Pic
Moley: Romain Grosjean

Again, we all went for the easy targets, but it turns out that this year's winners (losers?) were Pic and Gutierrez with five each. Maldonaldo and Grosjean each received three penalties, so they weren't too far away.

Out of interest, the only drivers NOT to get any penalties all season were Vettel, Alonso, Rosberg, Ricciardo, Bottas, and Kovalainen.

12. Which team will finish last in the constructors’ championship?

The Raven: Caterham (one point)
Hopeless Traveller: Marussia
Palkanetoijala31: Marussia
Root: Caterham (one point)
Tubeguru: Marussia
Greatkingrat: Caterham (one point)
Moley: Marussia

Marussia took a step forward by beating the team who have more claim to the name "Lotus" than the old Renault team currently do.

13. Which rookie driver will finish highest in the driver's championship? (Your choices are: Esteban Guttierrez, Valterri Bottas, Giedo van der Garde, Jules Bianchi, and Max Chilton)

The Raven: Valterri Bottas
Hopeless Traveller: Esteban Guttierez (one point)
Palkanetoijala31: Esteban Guttierez (one point)
Root: Valterri Bottas
Tubeguru: Valterri Bottas
Greatkingrat: Valterri Bottas
Moley: Max Chilton

Seventh place at the Japanese GP did it for Esteban. I think most of us thought Williams would do better than they did. I think Phil will be hoping they do better next season ...

14. At which race will the drivers’ championship be decided?

The Raven: Brazil
Hopeless Traveller: Brazil
Palkanetoijala31: Brazil
Root: Brazil
Tubeguru: USA
Greatkingrat: Brazil
Moley: USA

No one saw a Vettel steamroller coming, so we were all a bit too late with our predictions. No points.

15. Who will be leading the drivers' championship immediately after the Hungarian Grand Prix (the halfway point of the season)?

The Raven: Fernando Alonso
Hopeless Traveller: Nico Rosberg
Palkanetoijala31: Fernando Alonso
Root: Fernando Alonso
Tubeguru: Sebastian Vettel (one point)
Greatkingrat: Sebastian Vettel (one point)
Moley: Sebastian Vettel (one point)

Another non-surprise.

16. Will Caterham finish above any team other than Marussia in the constructor's championship?

The Raven: No (one point)
Hopeless Traveller: No (one point)
Palkanetoijala31: No (one point)
Root: No (one point)
Tubeguru: No (one point)
Greatkingrat: No (one point)
Moley: No (one point)

No all round, and one point for everyone here.

17. At which race will Grosjean take out his first victim of the season (because it's going to happen)? (To be fair, if you think he will manage all 19 races without colliding with someone, then you may answer "none" for this question only)

The Raven: Australia
Hopeless Traveller: Australia
Palkanetoijala31: None
Root: Monaco (one point)
Tubeguru: Monaco (one point)
Greatkingrat: Monaco (one point)
Moley: Australia

Grosjean obliged at Monaco, taking out Ricciardo at the tunnel exit.


All of which nonsense brings us to the final scores, which are:

Greatkingrat - 9
Root - 8
Tubeguru - 7
The Raven - 6
Palkanetoijala31 - 5
Hopeless Traveller - 5
Moley - 4

There, wasn't THAT worth it?
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