Rare entries X - November

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Re: Rare entries X - November

Post by GuyBarry » 01 Jan 2014, 16:45

tubeguru wrote:The last one you set was too much hard work.
Was it? I actually told everyone where all the answers were. You needed to be able to search intelligently of course.
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Re: Rare entries X - November

Post by Rhys1995 » 21 Jun 2014, 10:05

I can almost definitely say I won't be hosting one of these quizzes again. Part of me wishes I hadn't bothered to mark the answers due to hardly any entries and then it snowballs into this. And no tubeguru, I'm not 'bloody useless' at organising quizzes, if more people had bothered to show any interest I might have actually answered sooner.
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Re: Rare entries X - November

Post by tubeguru » 21 Jun 2014, 10:57

Oh go on. Don't be so grumpy ...
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