Rare entries quiz VII - Cricket

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Re: Rare entries quiz VII - Cricket

Post by snudge27 » 24 Aug 2013, 19:51

tractakid wrote:Um. I didn't come last?


With the Northants answer- the only thing I can think of is sticking with football tradition in which Division One isn't the top division. But I entered this so long ago I can't remember what I was thinking.
Well let's just say you came last out of the participants who actually took this seriously!

Given the delay in me sorting out the answers, I was thinking that I could have put a question in along the lines of "name a player who will score a century during the 2013 Ashes series". That could have been quite interesting.

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Re: Rare entries quiz VII - Cricket

Post by tractakid » 24 Aug 2013, 20:38

Ashton Agar.

Oh wait.

*insert boasting about notable tube accomplishments here*

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