Google Maps Treasure Hunt - long version

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Google Maps Treasure Hunt - long version

Post by tubeguru » 02 Jul 2012, 13:46

Well, as the GM Treasure Hunt seems to be popular, I thought maybe we could try it but with a twist.

In this version, one person could list down ten items to be found, and the first person to return 10 URLs to those items wins. Do you reckon it would be of interest, or would people get bored or forget or just not be arsed?
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Re: Google Maps Treasure Hunt - long version

Post by tractakid » 02 Jul 2012, 16:02

I did consider competitive variations of the treasure hunt, including a variation 'find as many of item X as you can', but I settled on a 'pass it on' variation. Go for it- devise an idiot-proof set of rules (particularly detailing 'what counts') and I'll be more than happy to give it a go.
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