Google-proof quiz the third

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Re: Google-proof quiz the third

Post by Starkey7 » 24 Aug 2011, 19:55

Yes, I must say that the questions were well beyond me the first time round, but the second time they were about right, and I enjoyed them.

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Re: Google-proof quiz the third

Post by Root » 24 Aug 2011, 22:29

tubeguru wrote:
Root wrote:Hey, I wasn't being so precious about it as to expect explanations from everyone that didn't enter! :)
Erm, I was referring to YOUR explanations of the answers ...
I think you misunderstood. I meant explanations from everyone saying why they didn't enter.
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Re: Google-proof quiz the third

Post by tubeguru » 24 Aug 2011, 22:34

They're all gay.
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Re: Google-proof quiz the third

Post by The Raven » 24 Aug 2011, 22:48

tubeguru wrote:They're all gay.
Troll! Ban him! :lol:
Go Pack Go!

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