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Mexico City Metro record?

Posted: 11 Feb 2021, 15:40
by richwrigley
Hi there,

I live in Mexico City, I have been looking for a record for the time to visit all metro stations in the city, but cannot find any. Has anyone heard of any record?

At the moment I will not be attempting it because of covid, but once things return to some form or normality I would love to try it.

Re: Mexico City Metro record?

Posted: 12 Feb 2021, 12:13
by EastActionWoman
Non UK records are shown in this thread: viewtopic.php?f=12&t=2338

Current record for Mexico City is 10:11:00 - accompanying thread viewtopic.php?f=12&t=1011&p=20043

It was done in 2007, so if linea D is now open, you'll be able to set a new record. Good luck!

Re: Mexico City Metro record?

Posted: 13 Feb 2021, 21:38
by richwrigley
Linea D (I think you mean Linea 12) is now reopen after the damage from the 2017 quake. Plus with an upcoming line extension so I will have to give it a go once it is safe to do so!

Re: Mexico City Metro record?

Posted: 14 Feb 2021, 09:25
by Golf
Out of curiosity how safe is the subway there judging as its mexico city and u hear awful stories of drug cartels etc.