Helsinki Metro

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Helsinki Metro

Post by TeamHelsinki » 16 Mar 2018, 11:07

The latest extension to the Helsinki Metro, known as the West Metro, was opened last November after considerable controversy, wildly over budget and more than a year late. The Helsinki Metro now has 25 stations and two lines, although basically it's one line that forks at one end into two branches with three stations each.

Not much of a challenge, but I thought a benchmark should be established and announced. My time is 00:59:58, completed on a spur of the moment last Friday, 9 Mar 2018. But since on my run there were no holdups and the two changes required were quick, I am not expecting competition or any particular interest in improving this benchmark time. Indeed, I can already hear the crickets chirping following this announcement...

Helsinki Metro all stations 00:59:58
FNC 269/270 in 19:16:41
FNC completion Uxbridge to LHR4 in 30:32:57

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