Heathrow Pod

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Heathrow Pod

Post by The Orange One » 14 Aug 2014, 18:26

I'd forgotten about this one, but since someone's brought up the Edinburgh Trams challenge, here's the story of my attempt at a silly challenge, in the form of the Heathrow Pod challenge...

Heathrow Pod Challenge Attempt

Date attempted: 25th January 2014
Starting area: Business Car Park B
Finishing area: Heathrow Terminal 5
Final time: 7 minutes, 41 seconds

Business Car Park B :arrow: Business Car Park A :arrow: Heathrow Terminal 5

I called a pod at Car Park B and got in, starting my stopwatch as the doors closed. There were minor delays on the departure track, so we waited a few seconds, but we were soon on the move to Car Park A, where we had an empty docking space. Disembarking from the pod, I selected Terminal 5 on another pod, got in quickly and we left quickly. It took a while to leave Car Park A, but I was already two stops down out of three, so I was not about to give up (and I couldn't...) and we were soon off to HT5. Arriving at HT5, we had to wait for a space, but we got one in around half a minute, and the stopwatch stopped when I set foot on the "platform".

This could have gone better, and next time I'm in the area, I will try again.

In a way, this challenge is less silly than Edinburgh Trams! At least there are 3 possible routes...
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Re: Heathrow Pod

Post by RobbieM » 15 Aug 2014, 14:20

I also did the 'Saltburn Cliff Lift' challenge a couple of weeks ago. Maybe I should write about that:

Date attempted: 28th July 2014
Starting station: Cliff Top
Finishing station: Promenade

It was one of the more relaxing challenges. But I forgot to time how long it took me... :)

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