Tropical Challenges - anyone done any?

New York? Sydney? Bognor Regis? We're spoilt for choice ...
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Tropical Challenges - anyone done any?

Post by The Orange One » 22 Sep 2013, 07:52

Has anyone done a challenge in the tropics?

Have been in Kuala Lumpur recently and have taken the chance to look through their light rail/heavy rail system. ... em_Map.jpg

It's not a good idea. Only three of the interchange stations are actually interchanges in standard metro style (no touching out involved - Masjid Jamek, Hang Tuah and Titiwangsa), there are three different companies running six mostly unintegrated lines. It's 30°C all the time so running isn't an option. Note the track from Kelana Jaya/Sri Petaling to Putra Heights is a future plan.

NB: Public transport is so underused in KL anyway that they have a free bus service running through the city centre and it's possible to get a seat mid journey.
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Re: Tropical Challenges - anyone done any?

Post by palkanetoijala31 » 22 Sep 2013, 10:12

I have been to KL as my sister used to live there i found running more than comfortable there its just you have to breathe a little slower than usual

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